How to Get More Views on YouTube | 3 Tips that Work Now

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Of course, you will be searching for how to get more views on YouTube because of the stress you go through while trying to create one or two contents on YouTube. The best way to stand firm and enjoy benefits like other popular creators on YouTube is to increase your content views and in order to do that, there are hacks that you ought to have handy.

The aim of every YouTube channel holder is to increase the number of views he or she have in any content published on the app. YouTube is the best video making machine and also the headquarter of all videos, music audio, tutorial videos, information, music videos, and educational contents online. To become a popular creators, you need to have a channel or two, on YouTube because it is the most visited. Do you know that one third of all internet users what videos on YouTube?. These one third are from different countries including US.

That makes it a very popular place to create contents and become popular but your popularity lies in the hands of how many views you get from your contents. Adults and children can all access YouTube, so, how will you make your content reach the ends of the world without you or your locality being the ones that views the contents alone? That is the reason for having you go through a content that is about to lead you to hacks that can get you more views on YouTube.

What is a Youtube View?

According to YouTube analytics, bots views are not counted. Even when a website automatically plays your videos or when a video replays automatically, it won’t be counted by YouTube bot. This is how YouTube counts its views.

  • When a video is played for 30 seconds, it is regarded as a view.
  • The views should only be from real humans.
  • When a YouTube video is embedded in Facebook or Instagram, the views will be counted as view too.
  • If you or your video screen the videos more than once, they will be counted as views.
  • Even when you play your own video, whether once or repeatedly, it will be counted as a view.

How to Get More Views on YouTube

This is a very popular question that I would love to answer after some discoveries. As a newbie, this should be your priority because everything kick-starts from when your views start kicking the button of 100, 200, 500, 1000, and up up number of views. These are the cheats that will amplify the message of your channel on YouTube and make viewers become aware of your brand in no time. It worked for me! It will definitely work for you.

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You should have a Consistent Visual Identity

One of the boxes to tick is to always have up to date contents to share with your viewers. Something so attractive and inevitable. Trust me, when you appear consistently without giving up due to low views, you are increasing your chances. You can only relax when you have enough followers like Joana Cedia and Ubbersuggest

In as much as you are on that, ensure that your contact information are complete so that your viewers can easily keep in touch with you..unless you are a break out YouTube star like the above mentioned.

Be Selective About your Niche

Do not try to bring everybody along. You should only have few people in mind and thats your audience. Be a pro in whatever you do. If you are emphasizing on Yoga, food making, make up, sports, comedy, or any other kind of content, focus on only that, so that your audience will easily confide in you as a pro in the field. Being adverse will make you confused, untrustworthy, and out of date, because there is no way you will make videos for everyone.

Have Detailed Contents

Hope you know that YouTube is a search engine? Optimize the number of views and make me come again by making deeper researches on the content you want to create. You may think you know everything, until you research and find another master in the same field. Compiling enough information will keep audience coming to your channel. I believe you want to be replying comments very soon!.

Improve your Videos Search Ranking

The question should be, how do I optimize my videos for search? This is how to increase your views on YouTube SEO, not just receiving views but also top ranking when an audience type a search. The strategy is getting the exact keyword viewers search all the time. It is very hard if I must say, but you should research on what people want to see, the inspiration, their research scope, and what they want to hear.

This search engine will initiate a perfect ranking when such keyword is searched. Believe me, YouTube isn’t just about making good videos, but also making good use of your keyword so that it will all drop to the door step of your viewers. Remember, the alogrithm counts only how many views you get, not how good the video is. Moreover, do not hesitate to make good videos, because people need good videos, LOL. The tips for good YouTube SEO are

  • Finding what people search now, the search trend. Make sure that the keyword with a lot of search queries need to be in low competition.
  • After that, add the keyword to your metadata ( tags, video description, subtitles, videos title ). Increase the appearance by taking the relevant keyword to all the mentioned metadata.

Find a Popular Topic in your Niche and answer the Questions

YouTube alogrithm cares about the most watched video, the most popular videos, and the most searched. They do all these things just to keep people on the app and increases the ads. To also help people get engaged in the same trending search on your niche, take a behind scene peak on your top competitor’s most popular content. Go to their library and sort the most popular so that you can think like a librarian while choosing a keyword.

However, see the details of your niche top competitor’s most popular videos by right clicking on the web page to find the view page source. After that, click on Ctrl + F keywords to find the list of top videos. Watch these videos well and go through the questions on the comment section so that viewers will not repeat watching the same video but see the answers to the questions asked.

Good Custom Thumbnails Increase Views

Customize thumbnails that is clear about the video it is describing. It shouldn’t be misleading because when this is the case, the watch time will reduce and leads to annoyance of viewers. YouTube alogrithm disengages videos with such quality, and tainting your channel reputation is the least you would want to do as a starter.

In other words, the thumbnail should stand out and portrays the same thing about the video it is describing.

Try to Create a Video Playlist

You have tried so hard to bring in your viewer to your channel, why now work on luring them into your other videos that may be needful? Make them watch “your next” by the time they are done with this one. Organizing and working hard on picking videos to add to your playlist is one of the roles to play in order to increase the views on YouTube videos.

Don’t Focus on only “How-to” Title

You should try hard to go beyond the How-to videos. Everybody is focused on that now, but you can make videos that no one is making. When you research on video terms, there is 96% chance of finding more than 85% of videos with this how-to phrase. Work hard on attracting a good number of people without the how-to phrase. Your brand should be value added, go beyond making videos, make it real for others to come along because while working on finding perfect search phrase for your title, work in making good videos too.

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Promote your Account on Other Social Media Accounts

You have seen so many people make short teaser videos of their YouTube videos and post on Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp, Facebook, with a caption with the “Watch More on YouTube”. Advertising your videos across other social media accounts will create awareness of the content to your followers, friends, and public on these apps, some will even share your link to invite other viewers or their friends with similar interest.

Work on Audience Engagement

Do you have good relationship with your audience? You should work on that, build nice relationships with viewers. The goal is still to keep them, because when others find out how you talk with your viewers on the comment list, they would love to attract your attention and for you to speak to them too by watching your videos just to get the cause of the interaction.

Even an emoji can do. Sometimes, create a YouTube contest, engage with other content creators so that they will subscribe too, make reaction videos to express how you feel, your reply to comments should be polite. Occasionally, try to engage your viewers by adding their contents to your channel too. That is after you have discussed it with them.


Hope you know that you can get more views on YouTube by engaging in collaboration with a popular content creator. The top star viewers may love you on screen and start click on your name for a link up. From here, the views will rocket to much amount. It may not be a top star because it might be expensive, but someone you know with intimidating number of views in your niche or others.

Before you do the collaboration, try to curate the video playlist so that they will keep clicking on your videos next after seeing the first.

Ask your Audience to Subscribe to your Channel

Whenever you find yourself on a screen, do not forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Doing this will create awareness of your contents, who knows, your next click may be from this. Your subscribers count to the number of organic reach you may have on YouTube. Trust me, the number of your subscribers determines the rank of next video when you hit the publish button.

Don’t worry, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay engaged as we will discuss how to get more YouTube subscribers next.

For any question regarding to this article on how to get more views on YouTube, let me know in the comment box below.

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