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It is normal to look for how to get visa for nanny in UK once you are traveling with your kids and already had a carer that takes care of them while you are away. These kids need the same love from someone they know.

One question has been racking up so many employers today and this question is based on the exact visa to get for domestic workers, especially nannies. Yesterday, someone asked me “what visa does a nanny need to enter UK?, Also, can I get gree card for my nanny?”. Everybody has equal right to green card apart from already residing permanent residents or citizens. Other foreigners are equal before the green card and will pass the same process apart from those that got married to UK citizens or have parents with green card, these features will fasten an applicant’s eligibility.

Now, If you are planning for a travel to UK, know that as a traveler you are expected to stay no more than 6 months. Your stay should stop exactly at six months, during this period, your nanny will be going with you except there is a certain bad circumstance that relates to abuse or exploitation, your nanny will take the situation to get an elongated visa validity of up to 2 years. UK is against human abuse or restriction of human rights, that is why you will be advised before a move is made.

Since 2016, UK has worked on making people understand that these nannies are skilled workers and have right as much as other UK workers. Keeping children arranged mentally and physically is not a petty job. Not everybody can be a nanny. That is why these carers are taking into highest priority in UK. In addition to that, there has been high record of abuse on these creatures, but it doesn’t occur legally now in UK. If you are paying your baby anything below the UK minimum wage for domestic workers, you will face the law.

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What Kind of Visa Does a Nanny Need?

The Domestic Workers for Private Household Visa ( DWPHV ) is the name of visa acquired by nannies traveling to UK with their owners. If you intend to achieve a smooth visa for your nanny, this is the exact visa to apply for your nanny with the help of any immigration solicitor in your area.

You will get the visa alongside your standard visitor visa for UK. Just like you go through UK Visa application process and complete the clearance for entry visa, this DWPHV will need to take part during this process. Do both at once for all your domestic workers and nanny that will follow you for this trip.

Eligibility Criteria to be Fulfilled by the Nanny

There are requirements that your nanny must complete so as to be one of the people that will legally travel to UK with you.

  • This nanny should be someone that is recognized by your household, children inclusive.
  • She should be someone that you have employed for a years at least.
  • The hometown of the nanny doesn’t matter, she should know how to speak English.
  • On the other news, this nanny has the right to terms and conditions that illustrates how she works, the method of payment, how much she is paid, and the day the payment is received. She should know how to read and speak so as to read the paper and sign.
  • This nanny will agree to go home at exactly the time you prepare to go back to your hometown, unless there is a special circumstance.
  • Will be with you in UK and still work for you while you keep her financially stable with your payment.

UK children’s stability index was able to prove that children have enough love to attach to their parents and nannies. Sometimes, some children extend it to other domestic workers. A nanny plays an important role in your children’s life, so you should take time to employ someone good, and also work hard on not maltreating this many, they have the same equal right as other workers.

Who can Apply a Visa for a Nanny ?

Not everybody can apply visa for a nanny, there are requirements from anyone that walks up to UK embassy or consulate in any country or territory to get a visa for my nanny in UK

  1. First and most important part is that you must be the employer and parent of the children that she takes care of.
  2. Also, UK immigrant solicitor will verify that you pay her above the UK minimum wage for domestic workers. As at the time this article was written, £6.45 is for 18 years old – 20 years, £8.20 for those within the range 21 – 24 years, while the rest is £8.72.
  3. You should be living outside UK and should apply from outside UK too.
  4. Coming to Britain won’t be a problem but you have to agree to go back once the duration for short stay elapses. It should be 6 months stay.
  5. You can be from any European country or European Economy Area but your baby is expected to be a national of other countries apart from EU/EEA.

We can now focus on how to get a visa for my nanny in UK since you have tested your eligibility and the eligibility of the nanny that will join in embarking on this journey.

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How to Get Visa for my Nanny in UK

Just like you apply for your UK standard visitor visa, apply for DWPHV alongside yours, and allow the experienced immigrant solicitor to advise you on the things do’s and dont’s. They will assist you in ensuring that all the domestic workers in your household gets the DWPHV before the travel.

Remember that you shouldn’t monetize these workers or exploit them because UK see them as the vulnerable. They can easily move into an embassy to elongate their visa to stay up to 2 years if you ever abuse them. That is the employment right given to them by UK.

Make yourself comfortable and ask questions in the comment box below if you have one.

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