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How to make Facebook Avatar on desktop, android phones, and iOS is deeply elucidated in this post so that you can make the version of the human being you want. That said, you can now create someone just like God but this will be the cartoon version.

Do you have a Snapchat? If you have, you must have tried creating your Bitmoji. It is actually the version of yourself but this time, it is in cartoon form. Which kind of human being do you have in mind? Is it a girl with curly hairs, brown eyes, and brown carved eyebrows? Zuckerberg had decided to make you explore this new creative version of yourself.

It is time to know how creative you can be. Start by learning how to make Avatar on Facebook using your desktop, android phone, or iPhone. It is just a new app rolled out to all Facebook users that updated their standard Facebook application, not the “lite” version. Meanwhile, it requires a lot of commitment, interest, and time to create the Facebook Avatar as a first-timer.

Interestingly, making the Avatar on Facebook will now simplify the way you comment on Facebook posts and share new feeds. On the comment section of every post shared by your friends on the FB standard app, the created Avatar is available in different poses to help you send your reaction to any post. Stop envying others that share theirs, but learn how to make Facebook avatar.

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The Use of Facebook Avatar

You can count up to five reasonable uses of the Facebook Avatar. After creating the cartoon version of you or the human being you have in mind, you can now;

  • Post avatars on the comment section under every post that you commented on.
  • Upload it as your profile picture.
  • Share it as a post on your Facebook news feed.
  • Use it as your reaction avatar.
  • Also, some creators use their avatars as their background pictures.

Before we get started, please go to the Play store to update your Facebook app if you couldn’t access the feature after the procedures are shown here.

How to Make Facebook Avatar on Desktop

Using your computer to create Facebook avatar is not possible because Facebook hasn’t rolled out the feature to the desktop version. That said, only the mobile app can take you to the feature but you can make use of it in the desktop version. However, before the creation will be started, see how to update your app.

  1. Visit Google play store.
  2. Search the Facebook app with the search button.
  3. Once it appears, tap on Update to reinstall the updated Facebook version.


  • Go to Google play store.
  • Navigate to the Google name and tap.
  • From the options, tap on My Apps and Games.
  • Swipe to Installed Apps.
  • Go to Facebook and tap on Update at the end right part of the app.
  • It will start updating itself immediately.

It is after this app is updated that you can go ahead to make Facebook Avatar on iOS or Android without much ado.

How to Make Facebook Avatars

To get started, your account must be logged in. I hope you are ready? One, two, ready, go!.

  • Tap on the three lines at the top right side of your Facebook page.
  • Hit the “See More” option at the end of the list.
  • From the underlisted option, you will locate Avatars on it. Tap on Avatars and continue.
  • You should hit the “Next” button to get started.
  • Wow, this is the neutral version of the Avatar.
  • Start by choosing your skin tone, the hair ( short, medium, or long ). You should go for medium or long for the female gender.
  • Then, choose the color of the hair, the eyebrows style and colors, your Iris and color, mouth size and color of the lipstick, choose the face lines, and nose.
  • Go ahead to choose the dress style, eyewear, and so on.
  • Once it is completed, you should tap on the Done icon at the top right side of the page.
  • Done and dusted!.

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It is so fun!. You can create one avatar, two avatars, three, or more in a day. All the Avatars you created will reflect on your emojis when you tap on the Smiley’s icon on your keyboard once you go to any comment section. From the creation page, that is, immediately after creating the Avatar, you can post it on the news feed from there.

So, in this content, you have seen that learning how to make a Facebook avatar on a desktop isn’t useful as it can’t be made from the computer screen, rather, create it using the mobile version and make use of the Avatar on your desktop and mobile as well.

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