How to Put Parental Control on YouTube

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Put parental controls on YouTube because you cannot be on guard all the time. Internet is a perfect place to be but not all that good for children. You can choose what you want your children to see with this feature. Find out how to implement the parental control on YouTube.

Internet can be a place of learning for children and also a threat to some parents because children can move to the darkside of YouTube with just a tap or two. For peace of mind, you need to have a detailed idea on how to put parental control on YouTube so as to choose what you want your children will watch. The alogrithm bot cannot do this for you until you change the metadata functions with the way the YouTube settings is updated.

On the other hand, there is a much safer Youtube for kids and it is called the Youtube kids app which is free to download for android and Apple devices. In this app, YouTube has already filtered out all the dark contents that won’t be healthy for your children’s knowledge. The filter is done by real humans and not YouTube bot. If you feel like your kid is too smart to know the changes, simply put the restriction mode with two steps or three, that will control their searches on the main YouTube app.

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Can I Setup Parental Control on any Device?

Yes, you can do that across any device that accesses YouTube. Be it a tablet, iOS, or Android, parental control on YouTube can be activated using the steps we got for you. You can’t look over them all the time because you ought to have personal schedules. Just like GOtv and DStv help parents to set parental control with their decoder, YouTube allows the strict controls on their software too.

How to Put Parental Control on YouTube

Kids like to stream from their favorite places and YouTube is one of their favorites as there are tons of channels with lots of entertainment packages. Children needs to be controlled and regulated on what they should see, learn, or exhibit. With mobile devices and internet, your child can grow wild or become smarter. There are various contents to learn from, but you know, YouTube won’t know when a child or adult is operating.

Therefore, regulate their watches by:

  • Visiting with your kid’s tablet, phone, or computer to login YouTube with your Google account.
  • Go to Settings button to get started.
  • Find the Restricted Mode to click on the drop down arrow. Find the button at the bottom of this current page.
  • Select “On” to kickstart restricted mode on the software.
  • Hit the Save button to finish-end this procedure.

Log out the Google account from YouTube again and clear your browser to stop your child of discovering what you just did. Henceforth, there will be changes in what they view on YouTube. You can now sleep so loud.

Put Parental Control on YouTube App

If you remember, we logged onto YouTube webpage to toggle on Restriction Mode, this is how to put the parental control on YouTube app. It may be needful to activate it on your own phone too, this is a rare case, only for parents that their kids access their phones or know their locks.

With YouTube app, the account should be already logged in with your Google account ( if it’s your phone), or logged in with affiliated email ( if it’s your child’s phone )


  1. Find the three dots on the first page to find settings.
  2. Tap on Settings.
  3. From the settings page, find and tap on General.
  4. You can now slide the toggle to turn on the “Restricted Mode” to have the parental control on YouTube app activated.

However, this is how to put parental control on YouTube app using Android, we can now see our iPhone clients through the steps.

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Apple Phone:

  • In the top right corner of your account, tap the dots.
  • Tap the Settings.
  • Next is General.
  • On the general page, turn on the Restricted Mode on to kickstart this feature.

Log out your Google account if it is the one used in your child’s phone. Nevertheless, do yourself favour to download YouTube kids for your child today.

Download YouTube for Kids

Put Parental Control on YouTube image

Just like you select only kiddies show on GOtv/DStv when they are around, activate the parental control on DStv to filter out movies when you are not around, YouTube for kids will do all these without commands.

So, get the app from a play store as it corresponds the device version. Available in App store and Google play store. Download for free, login Google account, and keep them entertained with what they should see often.

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