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You can send money through snap without leaving snapchat. It is a sweet development in Snapchat that is helping US residents above 18 years old to send money from their normal account to friends on Snapchat without lifting a finger.

For years now, Venmo and Google cash won hearts of many consumers in the sense that they certainly prefer sending money mostly from their dashboard. That is not problem. Now, Snapchat has birthed another history which is the Snapcash. It is an invention that will help you send dollars to your friends through snapchat by just texting the dollar sign.

However, is known for loosened security issues. They once faced odd problems as it concerns security and due to that, they are no longer a trusted app. Actually, it is a different story when it comes to their new feature, Snapcash because Square cash is the app that takes care of every money deal or financial transactions that takes place in Snapchat. So, your card details won’t be disclosed to any third party.

Meanwhile, to send money through snap is not something you will just do without making an attempt to link a card. Both the sender and receiver will link their MasterCard debit card or Visa debit card to their accounts before money will be sent and received respectively. If your receiver haven’t linked the card within 24 hours, the money will be returned to you. However, see other requirements.

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You will be asking if anyone needs special qualification to access this new feature. The sad truth is that Snapcash is not yet rolled out to other countries apart from the US. That is why before you can make use of Snapcash

  1. You must be a US citizen that has passed the minority age ( 18 years ).
  2. On the other hand, you should be an account holder on Snapchat.
  3. In addition to having an active account, a debit card of visa or MasterCard will be linked to the account for money to be sent or received.
  4. Have a verified mobile number USA.

Someone asked how to link a debit card to Snapchat. Only debit cards are added to Snapchat for transactions now. If credit card is later confirmed, we will still get you informed

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How to Link my Card to Snapchat

The basic step of the whole process is attaching your card to the account. If you haven’t get it done with before sending the money, it will direct you to the settings where you will attach your desired visa or MasterCard debit card to the Snapchat account. Moreover, this is how to link debit card to Snapchat account for Snapcash

  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Find the option of Linking card.
  3. Enter your card CVV, expiry date, the debit card number, and ZIP code.

It is only after this linking that you will send money successfully to your friend. When your friend receives a notification of payment, he or she has to link a debit card so that the sent money won’t be reversed to you.

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How to Send Money through Snap

Sweet to know that an exciting offer like this happens on Snapchat. You don’t need to log onto Venmo or your other mobile money account to send money. Square cash has designed this Snapcash opportunity for you and other Snapchat users. Start using it as we explained below.

  • Move up to the text chat page of the friend you want to send the money to.
  • Snapchat will sense what you want to do when you type the “$” dollar sign. Open the chat page and enter the dollar sign alongside the amount you want to send.
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Sending Money with Snapchat – Geekdailies
  • Snapchat will detect your choice and change your “Send” button to green dollar button.
  • Tap on it to send the money as you entered here.
  • Your friend will now receive the payment.

Sending money on Snapchat is as simple and easy as that. Anytime you wish to check the statement of your transactions, go to your Profile Settings, tap on My Account below “Snapcash”. From here”

  1. Edit your card details.
  2. Off and on your card.
  3. See the last money sent, the last money received, and the reversed ones.
  4. Watch your financial activities on Snapcash from here.

Have you seen the opportunity Snapchat has brought into the app with the help of Square cash? Enjoy this value if you are in US or have any valid US phone number.

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