How to Setup Parental Control on GOtv

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Stay less worried at work by observing how to setup Parental control on GOtv. If you have DStv, you can do same as well because parental control is available in the two decoders. The deal there is “do you know how to turn it on?”

Schools and works has resumed. Most kids are so stubborn to the extent that if you instruct them not to touch the GOtv remote or turn on the GOtv decoder, they must insist when you are not around. This is because, they know that you cannot keep track of whatever that happened in GOtv when you are out. It is true!. With all sincerity, we know that you can never reverse it or keep the track of channels they watched.

Meanwhile, not being able to do these doesn’t mean that there is no precautionary measures to implement when you ain’t around. You mustn’t flip your mind up and down, back and front, just because you don’t know what your kids are watching when you are not around. This Multichoice created measures that will help to keep your kids on track and to also maintain their moral sense.

In GOtv, there are different categories of networks. You have the documentaries, rated 18, general movies and then, kiddie shows. As a parent or guardian, you already know healthy channels for your kids. Obstruct them from watching your indicated by knowing vigorously, how to setup parental control on GOtv. It will help a lot.

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Who Can Setup the Parental Control?

You know that GOtv is not present with you but only listens to you through the request or mandate you give through your remote or mobile app. This simply explained that your kids can still setup this parental control when they know how to do it. To that effect, you have to hide this tutorial and then, setup the PIN before they do it before you.

Ensure that you have a non-easily compromised PIN that will declare safety even when your children guess it from now till tomorrow. When you breach a channel or channels, you are the only one that has access to it because you have the password. So, do not intend to disclose your chosen pin to anyone.

How to Setup Parental Control on GOtv

At this point, you already know the channels to stop its viewing and also halt automatic access by your children. If you are set for this mission, list down the channel numbers of these channels you wish to curb. Then;

  • Grab your GOtv remote and turn on the Television.
  • Glance at your remote to locate and press the blue button on the remote.
  • Scroll to Settings and hit.
  • Punch the Parental Control on drop down Settings options.
  • Choose PG settings.
  • Enter your default PIN as 1234
  • Personalize the global blocking with your own preferred chosen 4 digits PIN.
  • This is how to activate the Parental Control on GOtv.

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Same way, DStv subscribers will put on Parental Control on their DStv decoder for security upon upcoming leaders which are also your children. This is the safest way to leave home having in mind that nothing corrupt or unhealthy will be extracted from the children watch on Tv till they are 18 years.

If you still have other questions to ask as regards how your children will remain morally fit and secured at home, tell us on the comment box below. We will reply you as fast as possible because we are here for you.

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