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It is nice to find out how to treat sex phobia if it is already causing problems in your life, in your marital life, or dating life. In our current time, Genophobia ( Another name for Sex Phobia ) is a psychological problem that shouldn’t be neglected because it will surely affect your daily life.

Erotophobia is a behavioral dysfunction towards everything related to sex. It is the fear of sex, fear of sex discussion, fear of sex organs or genitals, and the fear of the opposite sex but Genophobia is known as the fear of sexual intercourse. So many people that are not in the shoes of those suffering from this Phobia are asking about the reasons for sex phobia. The truth is that there are several causes of sex phobia. We will soon find out the causes and also learn more elucidated guides on how to treat sex phobia

Causes of Genophobia

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Sex Phobia

Immediately a sex phobia discussion starts, everybody thinks that the cause is only focused on traumatic events such as sexual experiences during childhood, fraternal or maternal sexual abuse, sexual maltreatment from fellow children, or rape during adolescence. Yes, you are right, these are common causes, but do you know that there are physical causes of sex phobia such as premature ejaculation and other physical disorders?

Such disorders make people lose faith in their physical abilities. On the other hand, traumatic events. It is the most common cause of sex phobia. Such traumas make the victims fear sex, the opposite sex, and everything pertaining to sex. Even having sex as a discussion topic can make them shiver or show the symptoms below. When it’s time to have sex with their partner they see it as a chore instead of fun. How do you know someone that is suffering from sex phobia?

Symptoms of Sex Phobia

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How do you confirm that yes, you are suffering from this Phobia called Genophobia?

  • The main sign is the anxiety that comes from discussing sex or being with the opposite sex.
  • Some even go far as closing their eyes and mumbling.
  • The anxiety of having an intimate relationship. In other words, they hide from having any relationship that will lead to intimacy.
  • Other signs like sweating profusely at the thought of sex.
  • Feeling nausea.
  • Shaking non-stop.
  • Having a moist palm when kissed or a sexual move is made.
  • Shortness of breath and fast breath for some people.
  • Dry mouth.

The anxiety and panic attack that comes from the thought of sex is called sex phobia. At the thought of it, the patient becomes upset and shows these signs above, it is not healthy, especially for married people. When you are having such challenges, you won’t be able to perform your marital duties where sex is the major call. Check out a few functions that will ensure you fight this phobia to the core.

How to Treat Sex Phobia

Sex phobia is a psychological disorder where your subconscious sends negative signals to your brain anytime you notice sexual movement from the opposite sex. When your mind is heaped with negative thoughts or flashes of the old memories that caused the sex phobia, your mind will create immediate fear in you.

One of the ways to permanently get rid of this phobia is through psychotherapy, counseling, talk therapy, and hypnotherapy. In layman’s terms, you will seek the help of a psychiatrist. The professionals in this field will help you learn about your problem, and help you fight the fear by discussing the root cause of the fear over and over again. With time, you will overcome Genophobia with the help of therapies and sometimes, drugs.

Meanwhile, other general practices can ensure you get rid of this challenge. Here, you will have to understand your problem, fight it, and find freedom. However, your partner can join you in the long run if he or she is interested in finding your way out of this trauma.

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Learning more about genitals: When you learn about sex and sex organs, the fear will lessen. They said that having full knowledge of something gets rid of the fear that comes from it. Sex education is one of the best cures, learn about orgasms, foreplay, and how to explore the body to elongate your sexual experience from excitement to intercourse. Understand that sex is fun, not a chore.

Inform your Partner: Put yourself in the shoes of your partner, and you will understand that it is not easy to deal with someone with a fear of sex. You need to inform him or her so that your partner will know what you are going through and not have bad thoughts and loss of trust. For now, you need to understand sex as an emotional activity, not physical activity.

Try to have sex only with someone you are comfortable with. When you start feeling uncomfortable, kindly notify your partner with a low tone and terms so that he or she will understand.

NB: Sex Phobia leads to relationship problems, and loss of self-love, and love because when you refuse advances countless times without any tangible reason, your partner will feel unloved.

Don’t Have Sex under Influence: Stop hiding from sex, stop hiding from your fear. Face it with your full strength, with determination, you will get rid of it. To avoid being harmed, stay in control of your body. In other words, you should not take any alcohol or drugs before having sex, have sex with a condom to keep yourself protected from infections.

Don’t Force it: Have fun, don’t force yourself. You should indulge in direct intercourse but start with foreplay where you and your partner will create trust, discuss and know the moves you like and the ones you don’t. Foreplay increases your sexual confidence and abilities for men. In other words, it cuts down the high rate of physical dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation.

Also, take care of the food you take and leave some practices to live healthier. You should consult your doctor about that.

If you try these and still find it difficult to have sex confidently with your partner, consult your doctor for therapies. Please, if you want to keep your partner and maintain your home, treat this phobia immediately.

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