How to Withdraw from ATM without ATM Card

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Take these three steps to withdraw from ATM without ATM card. Before now, we could withdraw from our account without ATM by simply going into the bank to meet the clerk or staff for withdrawal. It is now a different story with ATM and no ATM card.

Youwill agree with me that you often appear stranded each time you have to make payment with ATM machine but the card seemed forgotten or swapped. Although, we can now withdraw from POS without card by transferring cash to the agent. What if the amount you want to handle is not for POS and their charges or you are now with extra money for the POS charges, looking at your left, there is no hope because of no card. That kind of unacceptable scene has stopped.

All the banks in Nigeria has created another service that aid customers in withdrawing money when their ATM cards are not at sight. Perhaps, you haven’t heard or have been noticing people withdraw their money without card in Automated Teller Machine, they use all kinds of features to withdraw now. Either your fingerprint, the USSD code, mobile app, or phone number can get you out of the stranded scenario.

On this page, we will use UBA as an example. Other banks are now practicing cardless withdrawal. This hasn’t been there from Advent, but you can now find fingerprints in some machines. All these are tools that help customers withdraw without bothering about card. However, there is no charges for this..only ensure that your bank ATM is your point of withdrawal. Going to another bank machine for this ATM withdrawal won’t work.

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How to do Cardless Withdrawal for the First Time

When the cardless withdrawal started, it only worked with phone number and USSD code, your bank will send a withdrawal code to the phone number pertaining to the account so that you can enter it to the ATM for verification. What if I tell you now that with your mobile app too, cardless withdrawal is a sure success.

That is to say, customers will get cash by dialing the code or generate the code on the bank mobile app. In that case, customers should know their bank code for cardless withdrawal so as to generate the code.

  • *903# for Access bank.
  • *919*30*cash amount# for UBA
  • *966*60# for Zenith bank
  • *737# for GT Bank.

This is how it continues for all the banks. Meanwhile, you don’t direct your mind to the no ATM card withdrawal code if you have an activated bank app.

How to Withdraw from ATM without ATM Card

Check out the different ways of getting cash from an ATM without holding a card at hand. At first, these are the things you will need:

  • A phone number: The number that is associated with the bank account that you want to withdraw from.
  • Mobile app: This is the most convenient type because at anytime, login to generate a code


  • You can initiate the USSD code as it pertains your bank. We will use UBA cardless withdrawal methods for example so that the article will be beneficial for at least UBA bank customers.
  • More so, it is a must to initiate the withdrawal from your bank ATM. Machine of other banks won’t work for you.

We can now proceed with the steps since you are ready to debit yourself without the debit card.

Withdraw Cash from ATM using the UBA Digital Experience

  • You are good to go when you log on to Digital Experience.
  • Go to Shortcut and choose Cardless withdrawal.
  • Create the transaction pin that will be used for the withdrawal. It is a one-time 4 code.
  • Insert your normal bank transaction PIN.
  • Go to ATM and click any button.
  • Choose Cardless withdrawal.
  • You should enter the 4 digit one time pin and 10 digits token.

That is how you create the pin and load cash from ATM using the card.

However, there is another option,

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Create Cardless Withdrawal PIN on Internet Banking

Before doing any of these, I believe you already have the amount that will be deleted in mind. The key point is to create the four digit cardless withdrawal PIN because it will be your pass. This code is temporary and can expire without your consent. So, you will keep recreating PINs each time you want to withdraw by deploying the tactics we shared here.

Go to the Internet banking page which is UBA official page. Select card withdrawal from the website options. Follow the guide to generate the one time code. On ATM, use the Withdrawal code to confirm your presence after you have pressed a key on the machine. Choose Cardless withdrawal and begin your journey.

Cardless Withdrawal using Fingerprint

If your bank has biometric sensor on their machine, this will also benefit you. Simply go to your bank ATM and choose Cardless by pressing any key on the ATM to get started. Select Biometric Option, then scan your fingerprint which will be your right thumb, on the scanner for few seconds. Follow the rest steps to complete the withdrawal.

Alternatively, dial *919*30*the amount you want to withdraw# using the registered phone number. Select ATM cashout, get the PIN and use it to withdraw.

How do you see this cardless withdrawal? It is a life saver right? Tell me what you think.

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