How to Withdraw Money from my Opay Account through POS

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You need to remember how to withdraw money from your Opay account through POS at all times because it takes the guideline to help you process successful transactions anytime you wish to withdraw or move money from your Opay account.

Do you know that Opay has designed and integrated a debit card for their customers? This debit card helps them to withdraw from Opay POS, Zenith Bank, and other banks POS with no withdrawal or transaction charges. Rather than Opay charges, you will get Opay discounts.

Apart from that, there are several ways that you can deploy each time you wish to withdraw money from my Opay account through POS. These steps may include our POS merchants or won’t include them at all. In other words, it will be of your interest to know that cardless withdrawal is now guaranteed in Opay.

With the USSD code, you can generate a PIN that will be used in withdrawing money from any POS without the Opay card. So, for easy cash withdrawal from Opay through POS, check out this new guide for Opay payment services so that you will meet problems during cash movement.

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Uses of Opay POS

Hope you know that as an Opay merchant, you have the right to POS. This terminal can conveniently move money from one account to the other, record transactions, and help you view your activity for the day. From your POS, the linked bank account balance can be seen or checked anytime by the holder or user without struggle.

  • The first gift of an Opay agent is the POS terminal because it makes everything easy for them. You can apply for Opay POS here after paying for your refundable caution fee.
  • Use the POS to complete customers’ money requests in exchange for goods and services.
  • Hope you know that as an agent, Opay funds you in exchange for services you provide for its customers.

That is why you should either apply and become Opay agent or keep on using the mobile app to save money and do other money businesses.

How to Withdraw Money from my Opay Account through POS

Move money out of your Opay account with the Opay ATM card by following all we said in this post.

  1. First of all, you need to apply for Opay debit card if you don’t have one.
  2. With the charge-free card, you can now withdraw money from other banks and
  3. Zenith Bank inclusively without paying a dime as your bank charge.
  4. In all of this, do you know that you are still the one you benefit from since there are percent discounts for withdrawal and funding of account?
  5. Even simple card recharge saves you enough money for the next recharge.
    Opay is truly a great nice choice.

Just like you do with other POS, slot it in a POS and verify your card. Choose your transaction as “Withdrawal” and choose the amount to withdraw. Get the money from the bank dispensing machine or go to any of our Opay merchants so that our agents will give you cash.

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How to Transfer Money from my Opay Account using Mobile Phone

What are you still waiting for before you can download Opay for your daily seamless transactions? This is a money-made easy app that processes easy money-moving services and online payments with so much ease.

  • It is available on App Store
  • Also available on your Google play store.
  • Get the app for free.
  • Login an account with your Google account and phone number.
  • Have your phone number as your Opay account number.
  • Start banking with Opay app and enjoy selfless services with the benefits that emanate from it.

I’m glad you have discovered how to withdraw money from my Opay account through POS.

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