How to Work and Study in France

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Students can work and study in visa, take up paid work in the university or any other business location if they have valid France residency permit. How to get this permit is what will discuss right away.

France is a very beautiful country, not just for tourism, but for education as well. The capital, Paris is known for its fashion houses, massive cuisines, eavesdropping buildings, Eiffel Tower, art musuems, a lot of cave drawings, and sophisticated rich history. People from far and wide love to come to France on vacations and trust me, they offer quality education just like their name sounds. Whether you are in/ want to enter France for a short course, to study France, or for degree courses, you can take up paid jobs with your France student visa.

France immigration do not obstruct students from studying and working provided that the individual can combine it with studies and not fail. You can work in the country but you are meant to pass the first test which is getting a student visa. This student visa needs a lot of attention due to the requirements that you have to meet as an applicant. Nevertheless, one of the requirements of getting a visa is your application letter from a France university. So, we suggest you apply for one of the prestigious France universities that offer your course, get admitted, and use the proof for your visa.

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Do I need France Student Visa?

EU/EEA/Swiss indigenes do not need student visa or visa to enter France because they are part of the visa waiver agreed countries. Citizens from these countries including their students only needs passport and other travel ID documents after they have gotten admission from one of the France universities.

On the other hand is the non European and others not mentioned above – Citizens of the countries not listed above are meant to go through the normal processes of getting a valid student visa permit from a France embassy or consulate working in their countries. They are meant to provide all the requirements as listed down here before their application will reach the right desk.

NB: France is in the Western region of Europe, that is why other people from the same Europe is not subjected to using visa as a pass into the country but you will still be given deadline to leave. Students all leave after their graduations.

France Student Visa Requirements

Let us deliberate on the paperwork you must do before you work and study in France. Just like tourist visa and work visa have their special requirements from applicants, France visa got few documents that you should gather for the application of student visa to study in France.

  1. One and most important leading document is the university admission letter sent to you. That is why we suggest you to apply for admission in one of the universities first. Officers in the immigration office will need you to show an official acceptance letter for an enrollment in one of the courses offered in a France university. The enrollment letter will bear the name of your institution, the course you are enrolled, the start date and end date of the study program.
  2. An airline ticket bearing the date of your departure. However, the date of departure can be handwritten by the holder/owner.
  3. Bank statement which will prove your finance sufficiency / guarantor’s letter / students that are receiving grants will provide notice of funding from an official source.
  4. Minimum cover of EUR 30,000 for your medical insurance. You will provide a proof of a medical insurance policy.
  5. Get an accommodation.

Get the documents ready and be set to study and work in France. We can now discuss how foreign students can live, work, and study in France with their residency permit.

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How to Study and Work in France

Like it is already mentioned, working and studying in France or studying and working in France as a student takes theses steps:

  • Check your country to discover their eligibility to France visa because Eu/EEA/Swiss citizens need only their international passport and travel documents to travel to France.
  • Whether you need visa or not, apply for an enrollment in one of the universities that offer your course in France.
  • Take your requirements along.
  • Wait for the visa to be processed.
  • When your visa and passport is issued to you with the date of your departure, pack your luggage.
  • When you get to France, you are free to work in an environ that pay satisfactory amounts. You can work for 964 hours in 12 months provided that your residency permit is still working.

Do you know that you can work in your university or other universities while taking your course? You can, with contracts of up to a year while on your course.

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