Is White Vitamin C Tablet Lickable?

Is White Vitamin C Tablet Lickable? Image

Is White Vitamin c tablet lickable? This is one of the health questions that we never had the answer until now. The truth is that, there are two types of vitamin c tablets and according to pharmaceutical test, the two has the same medicinal contents and benefits but can both be chewed?.

It is a surprise that many people think that white vitamin c tablet is more effective when it is chewed or licked but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The truth is that, this mentioned tablet is meant to be swallowed only. Do not chew or lick because you do more harm to your body and mouth as well by chewing this tablet.

However, there are bodly two types of vitamin c supplement tablets; the flavoured one that has orange color and the white with bland taste. The two were manufactured differently for reasons. Reasons like you having the urge to chew or have one melt slowly on your taste bud. When that interest pops up, go for the colored vitamin c.

Do you know why? It is because the corrosive ingredient have been masked out with flavor. This one is chewable, yes. This is the perfect one to be chewed because it has orange flavor and also not corrosive to the body. You may even want to check the package to clearly see that it is written as chewable vitamin c.

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Is White Vitamin C Tablet Lickable?

No. It is not meant to be chewed or licked because it contains high pH that is neither suitable for the mouth nor the gum. That said, the white one is corrosive to your mouth unlike the flavoured vitamin C. Therefore, rather than causing harm to your body, only take the vitamin C as your chewable supplement and swallow the white one when need be.

You may have discovered the bland taste but still lick it. You need to stop it henceforth. In that case, get a flavoured vitamin c version if it must be licked or if you wish to place it on mouth sours. Both has the same health benefits. So, you either swallow the swallowable or chew the chewable. The ball is now in your court.

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