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Jumiapay app apk download is what you must do in order to start discovering unlimited cashback from paying bills, recharging your phone, transferring money to other bank accounts, and other selected services. Do you need an account to start receiving this cashback?Just like you use Palmpay and Opay to pay for services and save some of the money as cashback, Jumiapay mobile app renders the same value of services to users and customers. With selected services which are paying utility bills, recharging your network and that of your friends, using the gift card and all your other daily needs, it is a sure bet that you will earn from them.

It is a mobile money app that all the people that perform monetary transactions daily need to have in their mobile money so as to save more money from their expenses and transactions. To get started, Jumiapay app apk download for Android, Jumiapay iPhone app download online, Jumiapay mobile app free download are the same thing and what you must do. Get this app now to have your bank in your pocket.

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Why We Love Jumiapay Mobile App

With Jumiapay mobile app you will discover the easiest and seamless way to make payments and sort bills with the money in your bank account but without going directly to the bank. Other features include:

  1. Get cashback bonuses when you top up airtime, subscribe to cable TV, buy gaming cards, gift cards, and pay for NEPA bills.
  2. Jumiapay is safe, secured, and easy. It is called all-in-one app.
  3. Occasionally, users’ accounts are funded with any promo amount of money for purchasing from the Jumia store only.
  4. You are assured of getting virtual gifts and rewards that will be useful enough for paying another set of bills.
  5. Do you care to know other things that you can use Jumiapay for? You are free to borrow a maximum of N100, 000 instant loans without collateral and yet without delay. It is mandatory for you to pay within the given time before the due date.
  6. It might interest you to know that you can book hotels, book a flight, purchase a flight ticket, buy gaming cards, and order your favorite foods from the best restaurants disclosed in Jumiapay.

We can go on and on but due to time, we will move straight to how Jumiapay app apk download is completed so that you will receive and enjoy these rewards and more, practically.

Jumiapay App Apk Download

Get Jumiapay now to save yourself from stress and delayed loans. You don’t need to panic. Once you are eligible for an instant loan from Jumiapay, it will be offered to you without relenting.

  • Head over to Google play store from your mobile phone.
  • Search for Jumiapay using the search box.
  • Hit on the Install button to download Jumiapay.
  • Install the app immediately after it finishes downloading.
  • Launch this mobile app now to login or register a Jumiapay account.
  • Henceforth, you can use the Jumiapay app on your mobile phone once you have a good internet connection and condition.

Now that you have the app you can save money anytime you pay for electricity or recharge your DStv because that is how Jumiapay app is created. Do not forget to explore, buy movie tickets, and book a ride for your next trip.

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Download Jumiapay for iOS

We have received several questions on whether Jumiapay is compatible with iOS. The truth is that you can go to App store now to get Jumiapay for your iPhone or any other iOS device. During the download, you can also read customers’ reviews and know more about the app, review the features, and explore. It is very important.

Remember that Jumiapay mobile app download is free of charge. Activate the app and add your money to the wallet so as to execute all the selected services and earn from spending your money. Isn’t this enticing?.

Jumiapay Customer Service

How long have you been desiring to contact Jumiapay customer service? Customers are free to visit https://pay.jumia.com.ng to learn more about this app and other Jumiapay services that may interest you. On the other hand, we can’t wait to hear from you. Email your feedback to us through [email protected].

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