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We are ready to reveal Leadway life insurance cost so that you can plan on the death benefits that will be received when you are gone. The real care is allowing your family to continue the fun even without your presence. The lump of benefits that comes out as a result of your death depends on the policy terms you choose from the various offers Leadway insurance company provides for customers.

Leadway insurance company is one of the trusted life insurance companies that you can trust your death with. They are not just bent on providing your families with the death benefits but will also be there of there is any cause for serious illness. Supporting you with substantial amount for medical treatment is one of their roles in your life but you need to kickstart this process so that they can checkmate and include you to the list.

Moreover, there are types of life insurance terms that are available for customers. It is either you go for the fixed terms, the renewable, the one that changes as your age increases, or the one that decreases as your age increases, in fact you have a lot in your basket right now. All you need to do is to review the terms so as to balance while making your decision on the one to go for. Thanks to Leadway, their terminologies are not ambiguous.

In addition to that, there are benefits that has been making Leadway special to many customers. After many reviews, we were able to find out the connection between Leadway life insurance customers. They are all on the same page when it concerns this company. All of them refers to the perfect premiums that are gotten at pretty decent prices with these enormous benefits. You may now find out Leadway life insurance cost.

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Leadway Life Insurance Cost

Do you know that these premiums comes with low price but with immense death benefits for the people you leave behind? Now, let me shock you

  • With the 10,000 NGN premium, you will offer your family 1,000,000 NGN if you got to die within one year of the policy validation.
  • Also, the 7,500 NGN premium that validates for just one year will fetch five hundred thousand naira for the policyholder’s beneficiary.

These and other premiums are available for you to access, buy, and activate. They stay valid for one and Leadway is also good at loan protection, mortgage protection, life savings, and payment of critical life issues of any policyholder such as payment of medical bills that concerns serious illness.

So, you are free to love the company as it has lots of features you may not possibly find at any other place. It will interest you to learn them. See the benefits below.

Benefits of Leadway Life Insurance

Most of other Nigerian and foreign life insurance companies makes it their priority to enforce medical tests before allowing you to sign up for a policy. In as much as there are factors that can hinder the rate of your premium in the life insurance process, medical test is not among the processes to undergo in Leadway. There are others, but for now, see the additional benefits.

  1. Your family or beneficiary will not only receive the lump of income that will come from your loss, but may be receiving monthly allowances.
  2. Nevertheless, the plan is only valid for 12 months. You may need to validate it again if you want the policy to still stay active.
  3. In other words, Leadway has a mobile app that help customers stay connected to all the happenings in the life insurance company. You will get to learn to what’s new, and more, when you have the mobile app, but that will be after sign up.
  4. Get the terms at an affordable rate. You can also switch if you want to.
  5. Interestingly, for the past five years, Leadway has paid over 90 billion naira in claims. Aspiring customers are free to register now and make all necessary documentations depending on the kind of claims they are making.
  6. Leadway can pay your kids school fees.

If you die during the policy term, your family will receive the reward in cash. That said, you are trying to help your family live their lives at ease with your support at death too. What a real gem!.

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Factors that can Affect your Premium in Leadway

As you already know, the policy term that will be signed with Leadway lasts for only a year. If the insured person dies within the given time, the rewards goes to the family, but there are still factors that increases or decrease your premium price and they include;

Your age, gender, height, health condition, weight, the health history of your family, driving record, if you abuse drugs or not, your criminal history, credit record and how risky your hobbies are. When these factors aligns in place with the company requirements, you have nothing to worry about.

In Conclusion

Anyone is free to register for Leadway claims provided that they are ready to comply with the terms of renewing the terms after a year if death didn’t occur. Notify Leadway of your interest at LCS@leadway.com or register online here

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