List of Nanny Jobs with Free Visa – See How to Apply

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It is a privilege to find nanny jobs with free visa and gladly, we got one for you. This is a very important health care and domestic work that not anyone can do. That is why any worker in this field is taken very serious and pampered.

Apart from other incentives, free visa is part of the benefits of getting this nanny job here. To be applied as a nanny:

  • You will be able to live in Norway.
  • Can take care of the basic health routine of the baby or the aged that you are taking care of.
  • Have good communication skill.
  • When there is need to cook, you will be able to deliver.
  • Operating on ensuring that daily schedules are met, keeping your client/patient/ the baby healthy by practicing normal hygiene routines.

Nevertheless, there is no nanny certificate or anticipated education level that must be met for you to be accepted, this is because any level of education is acceptable. The most important thing here is your experience. Still, the good news is that you must not have the experience before you apply because you can practice on-duty training.

If you are able to gather six months in the caregiving industry before applying this Nanny job in Norway, you have stand the chance of getting the job immediately.

What You are Meant to Do

Let us quickly look at the responsibilities that will make you a worthy applicant of this job

  1. It is a nanny job with free visa. Meaning that your visa expenses will be taken care of by the company but you must be someone that is ready to move out of his or her comfort zone.
  2. Then, you will be someone that will live in Norway while working.
  3. Can you stay active all the time to monitor your client and ensure that daily activities are covered?
  4. If you are taking care of a baby or kids, take care of their food and help them walk around,change diaper, help with assignment ( if possible ).
  5. You should be able to do light housekeeping.
  6. Light cleanings should be someone you are also good at.
  7. You shouldn’t be scared of domestic works.

This is a work that takes care of the mind and physical nature of the aged, while in children, you are playing an essential part. Do you know that nannies contribute to the psychological well being of the children? After the parents, nannies are the next to be accommodated by children. That is why you should have enough virtue to impart in these children.

How Much to be Paid

It is a negotiable payment that will be determined after application, before your coming, and during your Skype interview. Nevertheless, it won’t fall below average domestic workers wage according to the law. Also, make sure you receive the terms and conditions paper previewing a detailed information on when and how your payment will be received. You can now look at how to apply nanny jobs with free visa.

Apply Nanny Jobs with Free Visa

You have all it takes to get this job once you see the aforementioned as petty duties that you can cover while closing your eyes.

Simply contact us at for nanny job application or click on apply to start application immediately. Your accommodation and feeding will be covered alongside your flight ticket to abroad. Apart from the mentioned incentives, you will be paid hourly.

Is this not what you seek? If yes, let us know in the comment box below.

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