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Find out Malaysia visa types before you apply for the visa online or offline. Meanwhile, this page will tell you the exact payment to pay as your application cost, the requirements, the type of visa to apply for and when to apply. Just breath in, breathe out. If you are ready, apply this visa just as instructed on this page. We assure you better result.

Due to the tourist level in Malaysia, people from far and wide move into this country to have fun and forget their burden. You don’t only apply Malaysia visa for tourist or transit. You can go there for studies and gather academic experiences in different level of studies. As you are highly assured of moving into the country with just an application which you can undergo online, you will have to understand the Malaysian visa application so that your dream will country.

However, Nigerians are not promised an entry if they apply for business. Business visa is not applicable by Nigerian citizens because they are already restricted by Malaysian immigration department. We feel obliged to inform you about the ineligibility passed to Nigerian citizens intending to apply Malaysian business visa. You can apply for any other visa type, but don’t go for the business visa because you will be ineligible and rejected.

On the other hand, Malaysian visa application requirements are large and updated every session, time after time. We will not promise you all the requirements but we assure our leaders to availability of the general requirements on this page. Therefore, start and complete the 2022 Malaysian visa application so that you will move to your dream land in legal way.

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Malaysian Visa Types

The Malaysian visa types are diverse and it is only when you are inquired on the right one to apply that you will be able to apply promptly. In the pursuit of correct information, check out the list of visa types below so that you will know the right visa to go for:

  • We will start by letting you know that there is this visa categorized for only immigrants with the intent to migrate for studies, transit, tourist, meeting family members and any other purpose apart from business related issues. This is called the non-business visa. However, the name of the visa is VWTR ( Visa Without Reference ).
  • Another visa type is the VWR ( Visa With Reference ), only for business minds. That is, investors and the rest. They are ones accountable for the VWR. Go for the visa type when you wish to travel for business.

Malaysian Visa Requirements

We will not promise you all the requirements but will highlight all you need to know. Malaysia is migrated by diverse personalities, profession, humans and genders. Before another strangers are allowed in Malaysia, they must undergo certain tests, especially medically, to attest their fitness. At this point, we wish to reveal to you all the requirements and they include;

  1. Health report from a certified doctor.
  2. Admission report from the university that admitted you if you are applying for studies.
  3. More so, your National ID will go a long way in catching up consideration for you.
  4. If you must know, offer letter from Malaysian Immigration center in your country.
  5. Recent two passport photograph.
  6. Two copies of Form IMM.47.
  7. Proof of visa application fee. You must upload the document to the application form.

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Malaysian Visa Application

You will apply Malaysian visa online but undergo the processing offline. It is quite stressful but you can still do it when you have all the requirements met. So, if you want to apply for the Malaysian visa to move into Malaysia, you will discover the purpose for the travel, move to the website to choose the visa type and then hit the apply button once you have finally made your choice. Other requirements will be disclosed later.

Moreover, application will be considered when you pay for the application form and submit the receipt as well. With the payment, your application remain valid. I hope you apply as prompted.

Should in case you desire to know more, use the comment box below to ask questions.

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