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Learn new skills after MBA scholarship at University of Hong Kong is applied. It is a newly invented opportunity for international students. Grab this unlocked opportunity now to study and meet worldwide students.

This is an event that happens once a year. It takes time for international students to apply for MBA scholarship at university of Hong Kong but once you successfully apply and get rewarded by gaining interest in the heart of selectors, you will enjoy every moment of your studies at the university.

Not only that! You will enjoy the experience of meeting new international students at the university. Create your path now by providing all the requirements pertinent to the scholarship so that you will be considered for a selection. Above all, ensure that you are applying for a Masters level program.

However, you can only apply for a course available in the Masters program list of the university. Upon application, it is highly demanded that students must have the mindset of providing satisfactory results after each year. That said, for you to continue enjoying the award, you must maintain high scores.

So, now that you have agree to apply MBA scholarship at university of Hong Kong, it will be extremely necessary for you to check the eligibility & selection criteria positioned here for international students. Ensure that you apply for the scholarship according to the law of application. For more details, look at the exposition below.

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Scholarship Application Deadline

It is an annual scheme that demands so much attention. Remember that you are applying now to study in Hong Kong as an international student. Application deadline varies year after year. So, each year has its unique deadline for application. If you want to know more about this year’s application deadline, use the comment box below to indicate.

Eligible Courses

In this recent of world economy uncertainties, University of Hong Kong has concluded to train more young leaders and best business owners with this scholarship. Therefore, students that took Business Administration in their undergraduate level are so free now to proceed with this graduate program.

Academic Cycle in Recognition

Only Masters certification is available in this MBA scholarship at university of Hong Kong. In that case, after going through the program appropriately and as courtesy demands, successful students will be certified with Masters program at the end of the program. Get ready to have your MBA after the program is undergone.

Requirements from International Students

There are already strict instructions in language proficiency. You must be a friend to English language if you really wanna win consideration in this scholarship. Additionally, other requirements are shown below for international students before application is proceeded.

  1. I’m sure that you must get ready to study at University of Hong Kong because that is where this program will take place.
  2. Result of your GMAT. It must entail satisfactory record for you to be selected.
  3. However, an applicant must portray Bachelor’s degree or equivalent during application.
  4. Your course interest must be in Business Administration. If you are not eligible or ready enough to proceed with Masters of Business Administration program under this scholarship.
  5. This is a full time support program so you must agree to apply as a full time student. Partial students are ineligible.
  6. Interestingly, all nationalities are eligible for this opportunity. In that case, you are free to apply now provided that other requirements are covered.

Requirements are already duly portrayed for international students. Next thing to get started with is the application and before it is attempted, lets take 3 minutes of your time to review supporting documents.

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Supporting Documents of the Scholarship Application

Here are demanded documents that must be attached to application form while applying for MBA scholarship at university of Hong Kong. Luckily, it will validate the scholarship application.

  • English proficiency test.
  • Previous degree transcripts ( bachelor’s degree certificate ).
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Copy of your digital passport
  • College or University’s official transcript
  • GMAT with satisfactory score.
  • Statement of Reference from two referees. It must be written in English.
  • Proof of work experience.

Provide these documents to serve as an attachment to the scholarship if you wanna enjoy the full award that are emanated from this scholarship.

MBA Scholarship at University of Hong Kong

Walk your way into academic freedom by executing MBA scholarship at university of Hong Kong application with these procedures portrayed here. It is an online procedure that demands so much attention. First of all, you have to look back and discover the year you are in. Check the application deadline for the year you are in.

After that, proceed to the university admission page to apply for an unconditional admission into the university. Accept the admission offer and use same wind to apply for MBA cholarship at university of Hong Kong when you visit –

When confusion is present during application, come back here and discuss your confusion with us on the comment box situated below.

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