My YouTube App Not Working | Global Technical Error Disruption

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Did you notice the slowdown of your YouTube app since yesterday and now you can’t access it all? It is not just your phone, it is a widespread global technical error that has been disrupting the app. Tons of users, especially those that derive joy from the app are finding it difficult to adapt already.

Actually, the cause of the outage isn’t yet confirmed. Even troubleshooting the app won’t work this time because it is a technical error probably emanating from the core system of the Internet since other great names are affected as well. Some countries can’t access their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook now. While a handful can do otherwise.

Generally, e-commerce apps are also affected. Customers are raging and frustrated due to their inability to place others. Shopping apps including Amazon, Doordash, and McDonald’s are greatly affected. They are losing customers that shop from the app due to the global inconvenience.

Other popular services providers like Xfinity, Cox, Verizon, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and Frontier are faced with this sudden internet frustration as well. Their customers are already dropping reviews, complaining of their inability to access the pages.

Do you know that gamers are not left out? Big gaming platforms in likes Minecraft, Call Duty, and Roblox are facing the sudden error of these tech play platforms. There has been a major challenge for online players who are unable to catch up with their preferred games online.

People can’t chat with their friends online, do business, or reach the other end due to the technology disruption. The same thing goes for At&t, Fox News, and T-Mobile.

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