Nursing Scholarships in UK for Nigerians and Other Countries

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These are top nursing scholarships in UK for Nigerians and other countries. Each of these scholarships has unique requirements that students need to meet up with so that their applications will be successful. As a matter of fact, you can get a job after your studies in the United Kingdom.

The world is your playlist. You can decide to tune in to a song according to your desires. The buttons are all on their knees before. That said, everybody has the right to choose what they want. Do you want to be a nurse but there is no financial freedom? This is the list of scholarships for nursing students from anywhere around the world including Nigeria. Each and every of these scholarships has enormous benefits that will light your life goal.

Meanwhile, these scholarships cover tuition fee, living expenses, health insurance, and research expenses, travel fare, and other costs that may deprive you of pursuing a career. The program covers both MSc or postgraduate diploma, and other degrees. We got your back when it comes to knowing how to apply the nursing scholarships for Nigerians and other countries. You will apply with free visa to UK too. To get your travel visa, you have to explore these scholarships plus their affiliated universities.

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Participating Universities

The university you are choosing as your place of study depends on your chosen scholarship. Browse and decide before applying because not all may be covering your degree or choice of funding. Meanwhile, these are the few of the universities that you will find and probably as one of the choice to make.

  • University of Edinburgh
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • University of Surrey
  • The Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

These and more of other UK prominent universities will emerge as supporters and place of study for foreign students that will rise through any of these nursing scholarships in UK for Nigerians and other countries that will be mentioned. Therefore, see the scholarships, their requirements, place of study, and degree qualifications.

Nursing Scholarships in UK for Nigerians and Other Countries

Allow me to introduce you to tons of scholarships that you can choose from as a nurse or an aspirant that needs assistance on achieving such career goals.

  • Let’s talk of University of Edinburgh Nursing Studies Alumni Scholarship. With this scholarship in question, you will proceed with a postgraduate degree in any of their attributed universities in UK. Applicants are open to prominent universities only and application of the scholarship is open to both international and local applicants. You can apply here today.

Students that will get this scholarship will receive £3,500 as a support fund.

Fully Funded Queensland University Scholarship Apply Online

  • You can as well take a look at Florence Nightingale Foundation. Tons of travels and researches are available. This foundation has a lot for its grantees. In that case, nurses can now apply to expand their knowledge in the nursing field. All research expenses will be covered.

The scholarship is unfortunately not available for upcoming or aspiring nurses in their first diploma.

  • Believe me, Margaret Parkinson Scholarships can be your best shot. It is a training program that enlightens and trains non-nursing graduates to become nurses. They are to take up this challenge by always accepting the value of £2,500 annually till the program is completely covered. However, it is only open to students in UK.

Aspirants from Nigeria and other countries should attempt only the ones meant for international students. You can see lots of them here.

  • University of Surrey Ted Adams Trust Scholarships for Student Nurses: Candidates that are qualified for this postgraduate program are students from 25 years and above. They will agree to take this course for three years while receiving annual support of £3,000 until the coursestudy is completed.

Maximum of 3 years will be given to these students. With the scholarship grant, candidates are to study either undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in the university depending on their qualifications. Apply now..

  • Queen’s University Belfast Patricia Napier Scholarships: At the university, scholarships covering the tuition fee and registration fee will be open for postgraduate diploma. Your place of study is Queen’s University Belfast’s School of Nursing and Midwifery.

If you are qualified and also interested, apply here!.

  • Are you studying to become a qualified nurse at an institution in Wales or you are already a qualified nurse that is working in Wales? Apply for this scholarship. The travel scholarship offers up to £1,000 which help its candidates in meeting up with their daily needs as student nurses.

As you can literally see, there are various of scholarships in nursing field for you. We can keep mentioning but will stop here for today. To find out more about nursing scholarships and other scholarships, follow us for more newsletter at

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