Oman Outstanding Achievement Scholarship at Birmingham University

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Fully funded Oman Outstanding Achievement Scholarship at Birmingham University is now the talk of the town due to how it supports upcoming graduates, that is, undergraduates. You need to know how it is applied and the requirements criteria for keeping eligible students.

Different countries always offer financial support to intelligent and brilliant students so that they will transfer to any of their universities and study. It helps to diversify the students and let them learn more about human beings, their environment, their career choice, and more of other people’s cultures since they will be among other foreigners.

Additionally, governments of developed countries and some developing countries tend to organize financial support in the form of awards to different levels of academics in higher institutions and for International students precisely. Universities also organize facilitation of academics for high aiming students. University of Birmingham is one of the universities that are dedicated to this.

Interestingly, University of Birmingham created the Oman Outstanding Achievement scholarship at Birmingham University for eligible foreign undergraduates. You are free to apply for the no-fee scholarship application for International students if you are able to meet up with all the scholarship prerequisites. So, relax on this page to discover the scholarship objectives, amount of award, eligible courses, requirements, and when/how to apply.

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Why Oman Outstanding Achievement Scholarship?

The intent of this UK scholarship for conducting a popular award like Oman Outstanding Achievement scholarship at Birmingham University is to help undergraduate students that are not capable of funding their chosen programs due to financial restraints to further their choice of course without further ado. These students will have all their academic costs covered once they retain their flexibility to the offer.

In the course of flexibility, you must be very intelligent and give groundbreaking academic grade scores at the end of every year. You will receive excellent education from this public research university that is located at the heart of England and also recognized as one of the top 100 best universities in the whole world. All the beneficiaries portray good potentials towards excellence.

Who Can Apply?

Only Oman citizens are qualified for Oman Outstanding Achievement scholarship. In addition to being a citizen of the qualified country, you must have received an admission offer from University of Birmingham and also be exposed to starting your first year in September, 2023. It will interest you to know the list of eligible subjects that undergraduate aspirants chosen for the award can study. The disciplines are shown below;

  1. Engineering and Physical Sciences
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Arts and Law
  4. Life and Environment Sciences
  5. Medical and Dental Services.

These are courses available for our undergraduate aspirants that has obtained admission offers from University of Birmingham.

Application Due Date

As an aspirant that is ready to proceed with an undergraduate program in the 2022-2023 academic year while having at least the tuition fee covered, must apply Oman Outstanding Achievement scholarship before 2nd July, 2023. Application after the due date is not considerable. Since it has exceeded, you can drop your email in the comment box below for updates.

Who Can Apply?

Above all, it is important to confirm your eligibility to this scholarship offer before making an attempt for the application;

  • Oman must be your domicile.
  • Applicants need to have received an admission offer from University of Birmingham and firmly ready to proceed with the first cycle of higher education at the institution.
  • Prior to that, you are not expected to be receiving a valid scholarship at the time prior to the starting of the award and also haven’t received a Bachelor’s degree since lifetime.
  • Also, you must be a full time student of a full time course at University of Birmingham.
  • More so, applicants are expected to have enough funds that will cover other offers as they are given £2,000 annually for tuition fees.
  • Hope you have enough funds to cover costs related to travel expenses associated with traveling in and out of the UK.
  • The candidate must be entering a first year at University of Birmingham as a new student by next academic year.
  • Get all supplementary documents ready and submit.
  • GCE A level result will be added to the documents.

Above all, we expect that our new students must be conversant with English language. It is the only officially accepted language.

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Oman Outstanding Achievement Scholarship at Birmingham University

Copy of your visa or passport, English proficiency test, academic transcripts of your high school, CV (if it is available), and personal statement reference letters should be ready to be scanned and added to your scholarship form after receiving an offer from University of Birmingham.

Visit the scholarship website to get a course enrollment offer ready by applying for an admission in any of the approved courses. Provide all the admission requirements ready in order to get your aspiration materialized. Notwithstanding all the challenges, you are expected to apply before the due date which is already mentioned above.

Prior to that, if you missed the opportunity or just knowing about it, simply drop your email in the comment box below.

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