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Do you know that Opay has designed a USSD code to help you and other customers to perform transfers, fund other accounts and Opay accounts, buy JAMB e-pin, and fund your Airtel, MTN, and 9mobile networks without a data connection? The service is not just limited to the benefits above, you are on the right blog that will help you understand Opay USSD code and how it works.

Opay is a popular fintech company in Nigeria that offers services to individuals and to Opay agents that are managing Opay Business. The user interface is easy and detailed, making it possible for customers to rather have fun each time they login to make transactions instead of banking in frustration. However, having such an interface doesn’t mean that the state of your data connection will forever remain stable. The USSD code is designed and approved to help customers perform transfers and funding of accounts in the absence of data and network connection.

So, if you are interested in knowing the Opay USSD code to also channel yourself to an easy mode of making payments directly from your Opay wallet, this is the right blog for you. Quickly go through this blog to discover different ways to pay from your Opay wallet by dialing the Opay USSD code. In a few seconds of picking the options that are dropped down when the code is dialed, your transaction will be carried out even without having an Opay app. In other words, what and what is needed to make your transaction with Opay USSD code successful?

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Requirements for USSD Code Transactions

What will be needed is only the phone number of your Opay account; the phone number that is used as your Opay account number. Ensure that it is the mobile line present in the mobile device that you are using for the no-data connection transaction. That said, It won’t go through when an odd number is used for the transaction.

Above all, you should have an Opay account to get started. Even if you don’t have one yet, Opay featured the account registration permit through the USSD code. So, you can as well sign up for an Opay account when the code is dialed; but it won’t be as comfortable as signing up on Opay app or platform. Interestingly, all the Opay services can be accessed by using the USSD code as well; find out the problems you can solve with Opay code USSD.

What Can you do with Opay USSD Code?

A lot! Customers can solve a lot of momentary monetary problems within a few seconds with the help of USSD code and the benefits include the;

  • Funding the Opay wallet.
  • Moving money from Opay to other bank accounts.
  • Moving up to 50,000 naira daily from Opay. If your account has reached tier2, you can send and receive up to 200,000 daily.
  • Add money to your network accounts ( 9mobile, MTN, Airtel ). Glo is not yet supported by Opay USSD code at the time this article was written.
  • Transfer your electricity bills to the right source.
  • Fund your betting accounts with a few clicks.
  • Do you know that you can buy JAMB e-pin with USSD code Opay? No need to condone bank frustration again.
  • Opay USSD loan code is also available for customers that are interested in loans.

Therefore, USSD code Opay makes all the services available to customers that dial the code at any point in time. If you are interested in this mobile banking code, read to the end.

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Opay USSD Code : How to Use Opay USSD Code

*955# is the USSD code designed to be used by Opay customers all over Nigeria for solving their monetary needs. To make use of it:

Dial *955# on the phone number or mobile line connected to the Opay account that the money will be withdrawn from or added to.
Use your dial pad to forward and complete the banking process by choosing the phone number close to the option that you are interested in.
Enter the number and dial again, keep going until you reach the last page.
If you didn’t find the option, dial the number next to the “Next” option until you meet your need.

On the contrary, customers can use the unique code that is accredited to each service to complete all banking transactions and Opay services.

  • For Data – Dial *955*4*mobile number#
  • To transfer to any bank account – Dial *955*2*amount of money to send*recipient 10 digit account numbers#
  • Funding any betting account – *955*5#
  • To transfer to any Opay account – Dial *955*1*amount to be transferred*the Opay account number#
  • If you want to check your Opay account balance – Dial *955*0#
  • To recharge airtime for yourself – Dial *955*3*airtime amount#
  • Paying electricity bills – Dial *955*6#
  • Do you want to recharge airtime for your friends or a family member? – Dial *955*3*airtime amount*the recipient phone number#
  • If you applied and have gotten the Opay debit card, activate the card right away by – Dialing *955*03121#
  • To get a loan from Opay – Make use of *955#, choose the loan service, and apply from there.

I believe you have already clarified the unique codes that solve monetary problems for all Opay customers. Anytime you wish to complete your banking transactions by clicking a few buttons, make use of the codes mentioned here, it is easier.

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