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Do you have a Facebook account? Palmchat login with Facebook account requires a Facebook email name and password or the FB phone number and password for you to be able to open Palmchat account. It is a great opportunity to login Palmchat without password.

Looking for a web messaging app that will be recommending foreign friends for you online? Palmchat will sort out your friends list according to your desire and requests. Find out the next person to make your friend when you filter the list of people here that are from diverse countries. The Palmchat login with Facebook is a sure banker, provide that you have an account in Palmchat.

What will you do with the account? Check updates from your friends, look at friend suggestions, add those that needs you, send messages, receive, enjoy your lifestyle, create the moment, and create memories. With your mobile phone, download Palmchat or sign up Palmchat with phone number if your phone came with the app.

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Properties of Palmchat Account

The qualities of the instant chatting app is not far from home. These are the things that you meet in other messaging app but this time, they are spiced up.

  • Fast messaging experience that is unmatched with any messaging app.
  • The ability to open right into your dashboard after a login is initiated.
    Meanwhile, the 100% compatibility with your smartphone is one of a kind
  • Also, the video call features are better off than most Chinese applications.
  • Talking about the interface, it is user friendly.

Back to the homepage, there are ways to login Palmchat account without password. It requires Palmchat login with Facebook, Palmchat login with email, Palmchat account create with phone number, sign in Palmchat account with phone number, and the rest.

Create Palmchat New Account with Phone Number

Before you drive to the login steps, take a faster pace at the basic procedure to take in order to own an account in Palmchat. With your phone number:

  • Log onto Palmchat app now. You can just download the app here if you don’t know how to go about it.
  • Start with your name and other required information.
  • As desired, choose a befitting password for the account.
  • From here, choose your gender, birth date, country, and enter your phone number.
  • The mobile number must be valid for the sake of verifications.
  • Click on the button next, “Sign up”.

I believe we are done here. Finally! A new Palmchat account is created. Welcome to the community!.

Register Palmchat with an Email

At this point, you’ll choose your email as a source of contact, over your phone number. Some chooses this method because they don’t have a phone number, their phone number is not available, or doesn’t want to include their number to the account.

Even if you don’t have an email now, you can use a friend’s phone number to start Palmchat registration. However, for Palmchat apk download;

  1. Go to using a web browser.
  2. Download Palmchat app for your mobile phone.
  3. Follow the next page to complete the installation after the app download.
  4. Launch it now and either login Palmchat with your mobile phone or start and complaining Palmchat login with Facebook.

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Palmchat Login with Facebook

With the Palmchat mobile app, connect with over a thousand users from your comfort zone.

  • Open the app now if it is not yet logged in. Also for forgotten password, take advantage of the steps
  • Choose the “Log In with Facebook”.
  • Provide your Facebook information and log in.

From here, speak with all the contacts that chatted up while you were not around. You can as well find your saved contacts that are available on Palmchat. With this, communication will be faster and uninterrupted.

Account Palmchat Login without Password

You can just save yourself from stress if you are not a Facebook owner by just changing the old password to a new one that you can easily remember.

  1. Launch the Palmchat app now with your desires device which is definitely the device that it was installed in.
  2. Login if not yet logged in.
  3. Since the login details are not correct, tap on “Forgotten Password” below your login form.
  4. Enter the phone number used in the account.
  5. Check your SMS for a new message from Palmchat.
  6. Copy and paste the verification code to win the eligibility of setting up a new password.
  7. Punch in the password again.
  8. Go back to your homepage. Insert the phone number or email and the new password.
  9. Tap on Login to finally sign into Palmchat.

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