Recover Facebook Password without Confirmation Code

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Continue enjoying your Facebook account when you recover Facebook password without confirmation code. Although it is impossible for you to forget your Facebook password but there are diverse reasons that will result to Facebook password lost. Whatever the reason may be, reset your password without the registered phone number.

Do I Need Confirmation Code for Recovering Facebook Password?

The fact is that, confirmation code is an OTP (One Time Pin) usually sent to a Facebooker through the contact address he/she provided during the Facebook account registration. Facebook is a large social media network that has “Security & Privacy” as a watch word. You know that anybody can actually get up and login your Facebook to change the Facebook password.

The level of fraudulence in cyber today is dispersing speedily and increasing worldwide. You may not understand it now until something happens to your Facebook account. Hackers can easily hack your account to dupe people and at this point, allegations can be directed to you and a friend will easily locate you due to that. Facebook is really a large community, most populated and most popular.

So, anything you are alleged of in Facebook, you can be easily located. To that effect, it is impossible for you to recover Facebook password without confirmation code. If you are looking for this guide just because you lost the phone number you used for the account registration, i hope you still accessed the linked email address. Your email address will serve as a point of connection between you and Facebook.

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If everybody learns how to recover Facebook password without confirmation code, it will lead to people easily tampering and intruding into others conversations and chats. So, you will change the old Facebook password to a new one since you have forgotten it. More to that, you will need an accessible email address registered to your Facebook account to get this account straight.

How to Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Code

It still amazes me till date, how people confirm their Facebook password change without Facebook sent OTP. It lead to thorough research and that’s why we are here. You cannot recover Facebook password without confirmation code because that is the code that will confirm and also give signal to Facebook that this request is from the account owner.

Even if you are an account owner but still unable to get the confirmation code, your request will be taken for granted. So, since you don’t want the OTP to be sent to your mobile number, you have to provide an email address so that we will search and resolve the problem from there. Most importantly, ensure that you still access the email address. It is the most important thing to check and take note of.

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How to Recover Facebook Password

Since a Facebook user cannot make changes to the Facebook account especially at the part of the password which is the most sensitive part of every online account, all you will do is to learn the alternative way of getting your account straight without involving the usual method of using a mobile phone number to get a Facebook password changed.

  • When you log onto Facebook app or go to
  • We believe it is not logged in because you cannot login with incorrect password.
  • Enter your User ID on the first column and then click on Recover Password.
  • Click on “My Account is Compromised”.
  • Since you have chose that your account is compromised, next page will pop up prompting you to enter an old or new Facebook password.
  • Insert the password you could remember and then click on Continue.
  • There are few options of where to receive code ( via SMS, Google Account or Email).
  • Choose the email and login the email to get the copy and paste the code on the column provided.
  • Generate new password after the verification.
  • Congratulations! Login your account with the password.

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