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Sign up Showmax mobile app using these basic steps shown in this article so that you can open an account in this online streaming on-demand app that works more like Netflix. Showmax is the new Netflix!. Just like you subscribe Netflix, Showmax needs your subscription so that all the services will be rendered to your doorstep. You will enjoy all the premium and pro premium provided that you made your plans known to the streaming platform. Showmax is the new Netflix and all the entertainment is now on your mobile phone when you sign up Showmax mobile app. Updates are dropped weekly or at least two times a week once you are into series.

On the other hand, the blockbuster movies are available in HD just with the price of 1,200 naira for Nigerians and the same currency conversion for other countries. Enjoy the Tv shows, documentaries, comedies, Nollywood, shows, popular series, trending series, Korean movies, and Netflix movies all on your mobile phone and across other devices.

Meanwhile, these devices must be internet-enabled devices since Showmax works over the internet. However, the subscription on Showmax can be canceled at any time and anywhere once you follow the basic procedures. Doing the above will deprive you of the opportunity of seeing and keeping track of all the award-winning TV shows in the whole world and Netflix as well. Therefore, discover all you need to sign up Showmax mobile app

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Requirements for Opening Showmax Account

Ranging from the mobile phone which is the basic material for accessing this network, down to other materials that are listed below, they must be up and running before Showmax will be eligible for you.

  1. You need to download and activate Showmax mobile app for your mobile device or across any other device in question.
  2. Also, you need to know the account sign up procedures since you have the app now. That is where we come in. You need Geekdailies.
  3. On the other hand, a bank account or online wallet for funding or subscribing to your account.
  4. The desire to see movies and other live shows on your mobile phone.
  5. A good internet connection will be needed.
  6. More so, a sufficient data plan since Showmax doesn’t work without the internet.

Therefore, reach your hands to all the Showmax premium and Showmax pro services simply by following the order of account sign up and the subscription procedure as well.

Showmax Mobile App Download

Truthfully, it is now mandatory to have the Showmax mobile app since it is available only for mobile phones. All our clients using laptops are prompted to go to to set up their own accounts as well. Regardless of that, Showmax mobile app is the new portable way to stream our delicacies. In that case:

  1. Go to your application store and search for Showmax app.
  2. When the search is out, tap on the mobile app.
  3. Head to the download button to download.
  4. Allow the installation to proceed and complete.
  5. Then, you can follow the next step which is to open this app and sign up your account.

It is from here that you will get ready to pick subscription plan for your account. Nigerians pay NGN 1,200, other countries like Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa are meant to convert this amount into their own currency. Meanwhile, other African countries are required to pay in dollars, $2,99 precisely.

Sign up Showmax Mobile App

Finally! This is how to open Showmax premium account on your mobile phone with just fee significant steps that are basically required regardless of your country or location right now.

  • Start by opening the mobile app or visiting
  • Tap on the Sign up button that is definitely positioned on the homepage.
  • Insert your email address and create a password at the spot for the new account.
  • More so, provide a valid mobile number.
  • Tap on the Create Account and choose your plan from here.
  • Indicate your interest to enjoy Showmax now by clicking on the “Get Started” button.

As already informed, you have the first 14 days all to yourself. You will stream all the available movies for free until the 14 days elapse.

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Login Showmax – Login

Whether with the mobile app or at, this streaming platform can be signed in using these simple and few steps outlined on this page. These login steps are needed immediately after account sign up. After then, you won’t login again if you are using a mobile app. Just a tap will log you in

    1. When you launch the app or website, tap the Sign in page to get started.
    2. Enter the required email and password.
    3. Hit on the Sign in button below to login.

If you are just opening your account now, no need to follow this procedure. Just follow the steps above to sign up for an account, login thereafter, and enjoy!. However, Showmax account sign in with Facebook is 100% possible. Feel free to use any of the methods to sign in

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