Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Tiktok Users

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See the top 10 countries with highest number of Tiktok users as 2022 Tiktok analysis has proven. One of the countries which was known as the most inhabitant has banned Tiktok app in their country. India is the too populated people on Tiktok but not anymore. You will find out the least and most populated soon.

Tiktok is a Chinese short video making and also a paying app. The app popped up with his sister app, Likee but Tiktok has driven to the top than Likee. Asian countries were first to flood the app while others came in later. It has trends, body movements, and contents that drive traffic. There are audience and creators in Tiktok, the same fun goes for any of them. Moreover, there is about 2 billion users in Tiktok and we are about to find out the top 10 countries with highest number of users.

Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, USA, Thailand, Philippines appeared on the list but do you know the country that is currently known as a country with highest number of tiktokers? Chill and find out below. Notwithstanding, anyone can download Tiktok app and start using today. Also, the account is free to create. Sign in to enjoy lucrative contents from other influencers and friends. You can become grow Tiktok account too to become a grand influencer in the app, promote products, get free products, and get paid.

Why they Love Tiktok?

You may not be a fan of this app but there are people that can’t live well without appearing on their Tiktok platform once it twice. Celebrities use the app too, coupled with the fact that it is a free to use app that pays influencers, anyone can love the app.

  1. Learn trends and follow dance routines to kill boredom.
  2. Laugh out loud often with comedic contents released by one-third of users.
  3. You can choose who follows you and who you will follow.
  4. On the other hand, there are terms and conditions guiding the app and users.
  5. Account registration is free.
  6. No limits to number of followers. More popular you are, the more you are creating chances getting paid.

We wouldn’t love to focus on that for now. Let’s just discover the top 10 countries with highest number of Tiktok users.

Top 10 Countries with Highest Number of Tiktok Users

We will quickly reveal countries and the number of their citizens that appear as users on TikTok and this is from the age of 18+. You can now find out the position your county was listed in.

10. Pakistan

As at 2022, the country with least number of Tiktok users in the top 10 by Tiktok analysis is Pakistan. This Islamic dominated country has the least number after United Kingdom. It is rushing towards Turkey now. So, the approximate number of users is 24.06 million people.

9. Turkey

A very popular country with lots of shopping vibes, good stores, and amazing fibres has up to 28.68 million users of Tiktok inhabiting their country. You may have some of their influencers, they are too good.

8. Thailand

Okay, now we are on the 8th position and I bet you are not surprised with the fact that Thailand made it here. This Southeast Asia country has Tiktok influencers like:

  • Achiraya Kraphankhaio 
  • Nickku 
  • Bie The Ska 
  • Tachaya
  • Kaykai Salaider
  • Jack Papho 
  • Grace 
  • Mario Jok

Thailand has approximately 38.38 million users.

7. Philippines

Here, there are ones known for their dance skills while others follow the trends. With all these people making up the audience and creators, including celebrity creators, Philippines, a good Asian country has Tiktok users that amounted to 40.36 million.

6. Vietnam

As we continue the count in millions, Vietnamese on TikTok are about 45.82. Are you from this country? Believe me, your country made it to the top 10. We can now find out others that made it to top 5 countries with largest number of Tiktok users.

5. Mexico

Hey! Do you know that the United Mexican States that is in North America have up to 50.52 million of their citizens on TikTok?. They created Tiktok accounts and are now making most of their time for the features on this social media app. You need to tag along if you are not yet.

4. Russia

Yeah, we can now talk of Russia, a country with imminent natural resources, especially oil and natural gas. Citizens of this country that appear as Tiktok users are about 51.3. Mexico is about to cross over Russia.

If you have seen your country, wait some more, we still have top 3 to go.

3. Brazil

The third country with highest number of Tiktok users is Brazil with people on Tiktok amounting to 73.58 million. This is the statistics when you are told that Tiktok has up to 5 billion users.

2. Indonesia

An Asian country like Indonesia has tons of Tiktok users. Indonesia is among the countries that has been making it to the list of Tiktok top 10 countries with highest number of Tiktok users. Their citizens on the app are 99.07 million.

1. USA

Meet USA, the most developed country with highest number of Tiktok users. USA has been the top country after India was banned.

Looking at this, is there any country you think we should have added? Use the comment box below to let us know.

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