Top Tourist Centers to Travel to – Find out Best Places for Tourism

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Look at the few list of most visited, enticing, and top tourist centers to travel to, and also have the best fill of nature, we are going to be blowing your mind with the world’s best tourist attractions today.

So are you ready for your Vacation? because here are the best places in the world to be travel right now, If you have gone to the great walls of China, the Treasury in Petra, the waterfall in Nigeria, here are the ones you’ve not seen, i bet you, you will marvel at the amazing work of God after perusing this photos. So, park your load as we take the lead.

Top Tourist Centers to Travel to

Pakistan Monument

You are done swimming, lets now go to Pakistan Monument in Pakistan at the Shakespearean Hills in Islamabad. The wonderful thin about this monument is that it is a heritage and a clear symbol of unity in the city of Pakistan, in fact anyone who visits Pakistan will like to have a gaze at the Pakistan Monument.

Great Wall of China

Woow, so dear, i will like you to visit China for it’s wall of China, this is one of the top tourist center in China. Now here is the amazing fact abort these walls, these wall traveled in it’s elongation for about 13,000 miles from east to west. The fun of seeing the walls as it twisted at it’s length from one location the to the other is worth seeing. Many people love just a sight of it taking amazing photos as they make a step.

Blue Lagoon

Tourist can’t be fun without a swim and a glass of wine, but you don’t need to take that fun elsewhere than at the Lagoon, this is called the blue Lagoo, the Lagoon is bluer than any real blue color you can ever see. The amazing sea being decorated with a natural blue algae and white silica. It’s the best site you can ever behold. And do you now? about 3000 plus visits this lagoon every year and yet, it doesn’t look dirty, the natural sea purifies i’self in just every seconds.

Forbidden City, China

I don’t know why this place is called the forbidden city but, it has a very unique designs which is worth seeing. The palace has more than 9000 rooms and all designed with the best arts and furniture of the Qing and Ming dynasty. Although the city forbids crowd, but you can make a reservation and visit when there is less crowed.

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

We won’t end this note if we don’t mention the great Cathedral at Notre Dame. This cathedral houses most aged years of history, well designed with the best and remarkable arts works and furniture, with a very impressive and breath taking flying buttresses and stained glass windows. You will like to visit the Notre Dame cathedral after your are done catching fun at Eiffel Paris Tower

Victoria Peak at Hong Kong

And so if you love the sight of sea then it’s time to take you to Victoria Peak, this is the world most scientific designed railways situated above 1200, feet above sea level. The rail leads to a panoramic look out of Hong Kong. You will like to go through it if you really love sight seeing.

Eiffel Tower at Paris

Everyone wants to see the tower at Paris, in fact most wedding engagement moment usually takes place at the Paris Tower, but the Elffel tower has it’s all when you want sight seeing. The beauty is best appreciated at a distance and so people wont stop visiting, The tower records more than 7 million views every year and in every week above 100,000 tickets is booked.

Louvre Museum

Paris as a city has an amazing sight seeing places, but the ones devised as a tourist centers are amazingly designed for tours. One of the places to visit in Paris is Loure Museum, this is the world largest art museum with amazing designs. The monument is situated in Franc, Paris just at the center of the city.

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