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Do you want every music to be at your feet? Vidmate app download for free is what you must do in order to have access to all news, sports updates, latest and old videos plus trends of songs no matter the genre. It is the best YouTube supplementary that you will never regret having.

Vidmate is a mobile application for Android phones that makes it easier for members to access all files on the net. All multimedia is downloaded from this platform provided that you know the name. You will have access to music, videos, comedies, Nollywood movies both latest and old times, Bollywood, Hollywood, and other video majors. More so, access to news and sports is not breached on Vidmate.

Prior to that, you can download any music video or any song you heard. Download by lyrics or download by entering the exact name of the song. Explore to review recommended comedies and DJ mix on Vidmate. This top notch app makes every file to be at your exposal. Peradventure, you want a review of a newly released movie, mention it on Vidmate and have yourself entertained.

There are lots to stream online. Play online or download to watch later. Subscribe to channels to receive notification of new uploads. In fact, be ready to kill boredom and loneliness with this fun-filled mobile app. Try to start and complete the Vidmate app download for free so as to stay connected to all happenings. Stream news online and stay updated as long as you want.

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Top Benefits of Vidmate Mobile App

Allow me to show you all the privileges of having a Vidmate app in your mobile phone. It will interest you more to download and install the app;

  • It will make all songs and music videos available for you.
  • More so, you will have access to any need and sports news inclusively.
  • Still not forgetting that you can watch all trending updates about celebrities once you know the channels.
  • You can even search to get a full album and stories about public figures.
  • Hope you know that TikTok compilations are also available on Vidmate?.
  • The app is for free and all the files in there are free.
  • Download full videos of any type.
  • Additionally, it might interest you to know that different visual qualities are available on Vidmate. You are to choose any video quality during download of any song.
  • Meanwhile, you can set your watch quality to a certain video quality so that it will remain so even while watching online.
  • Note that higher the video quality, higher the data to be consumed.
  • Prior to that, access your phone files from Vidmate and play songs with Vidmate player.
  • Any song at all, they are available on Vidmate.
  • Search without the song name or artist. Just use the lyrics to search and choose from the recommendations.

Vidmate App Download for Free

Typically, Vidmate app is downloaded from the website by using your phone to scan the Qr code but you can just move straight to your application store to get the app downloaded and installed. However, it is also available on Vidmate website but the download demo will still take you to your phone’s application store.

So, either you download from there or

  1. Go straight to Google play store and search Vidmate.
  2. Download the app by hitting the Install button.
  3. After the download count has completed, install it immediately and launch.
  4. Login the app and start streaming videos and music online.
  5. Vidmate converts videos to Mp3. You can do that if you want.

The app is ready now and all bravo to you for attempting a successful download.

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How to Download Files on Vidmate

Vidmate app makes all files available for you; videos, songs, instrumentals only, music video, and so on. People download songs on Vidmate with either of these ways mentioned below:

  • By entering the name of the artist and song.
  • Provide only the name of the song and then choose the right one with the right artist from the recommendations on screen.
  • Or just enter the name of the artist to scroll through the album and choose the right song.
  • Another is just entering just one line of the lyrics in the search button to search.

Any of them can get you your targeted song on Vidmate. When it comes to videos, there are different qualities to choose from. This visual quality determines the storage size. So, download the video directly or just convert it to sound only.

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