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FCMB is back with exciting offers but you have to download FCMB banking app in order to access these amazing benefits. Have a great moment with us as we run fast cash and help you to earn more at the moment.

Have you heard of the internet banking? This is a new method of looking into your FCMB account without going to the bank directly. Even if you traveled to a place without an FCMB branch nearby, you can still function without the bank. All are the magics of FCMB internet banking. So, enjoy experience of internet banking when you download FCMB banking app which is compatible with an Android and iPhone.

However, you can login with your PC at the website – But due to our wish for you, this idea is the best. If you desire for a seamless banking and faster login, to download FCMB banking app is the best you can get. This app will rocket you to stress-free banking and transactions so you have no other option than to heed to all the instructions shown here. Therefore, download FCMB banking app and sign up for the internet banking account if you never did.

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Features of FCMB Banking App

  • Do you know that with FCMB banking app that you can check your last balance?. It will help you to access your account faster by just logging in.
  • Also, airtime top-up is easily done and dusted.
  • You can as well, recharge for your friends and family. If the number is in your contact, you will simply choose the network and then obtain the digits from your contact without stress of racking brain.
  • Transaction history is checked with the app.
  • Transfer petty or bulky money with your FCMB banking app.
  • Interestingly, engage in money business with physical cash.
  • Download FCMB banking app to login your internet banking account that will link you to your FCMB account.

Download FCMB Banking App

If you have iOS device you can still have FCMB app in your iPhone or iPad. In order words, Android phones have been the pioneer user of FCMB app. So, this is how you can get this app for yourself.

  1. Log onto Google Play Store
  2. Enter FCMB app on the search space if it wasn’t recommended for you.
  3. Download FCMB app to your device and then install it afterwards.
  4. Launch this app to login if you have created the internet banking account but if you haven’t, see how to create the banking account with the shown instructions below.

To Get for your iPhone;

  • Open an iTunes Store and enter “FCMB app” on the search column.
  • Tap on the app when it appear.
  • Hit on “Get” so that download will start.
  • Install this app and open it for the next action which will be shown below.

How to Activate FCMB App

Downloading an app without making use of it is same as not having it. So, it will start to function when you activate FCMB app with an online internet banking account. In that case, let’s create FCMB online banking account with the steps below:

  1. Launch FCMB app and click on “Register“.
  2. Enter your account number on the first column.
  3. The next is password, then an email address.
  4. Further the registration with either your Token or Credit Card details.
  5. Make the entry and then get your FCMB online banking account registered.

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Note that FCMB internet banking account or online banking account differ from your FCMB account. The basic tool for getting an online banking account activated is the bank account. So, if you were never a First City Monument Bank customer and then decided to create the online account it will be invalid. It doesn’t work that way. Have a domiciled account with FCMB first and then create the online account.

Login FCMB App

Login your FCMB account online with your account number and password. If you couldn’t remember the password just as you made the entry, simply go to the “Forgotten Password” link and verify your account for password change. Everything is simple and straightforward. Initiate this guide just as it has been made known to you because that’s how we got started.

If you have any other Frequently Asked Questions as regards FCMB account or the app, use the comment box situated below to make it known to us.

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