How to Apply FCMB Visa Credit Card

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Apply FCMB visa credit card to pay and handle bills anytime and anywhere. It is a 24 hours customer service credit card. Permit me to teach you how to apply FCMB visa credit card online and await a successful outcome.

FCMB Visa credit card is a credit card issued by FCMB to the applicants that own an account in their bank. The card is already endorsed and permitted by Visa to be used by every person for making international and local transactions. Control different currencies with this card with a token charges attached to each transaction.

Being able to change the visa credit card is another amazing benefit of applying for this visa credit card. Prior to that, today’s tutorial will entirely focus on FCMB visa card application.

Moreover, this visa credit card has been categorized into two for specific users. The cards are; Classic Visa card, Gold Visa card. Each of them has it’s own charges and benefits. Standing on that, you will compare between the two types of credit card before proceeding with the application.

Furthermore, the card in question has no restrictions or special qualifications before application. The only required effort needed is to notify them of your interest online and await their invitation from the staff. Or rather go to any of the FCMB branch nearby to apply for the FCMB visa credit card. Information to be provided will be unveiled to you once you’ve started.

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FCMB Visa Credit Card

Like i said earlier; two visa credit card has been mutually specified. The credit cards has it’s own interest rates, card maintenance fees, card replacement fee and other card charges respectively different.

Classic Visa Credit Card: Basically meant for bank workers, engineers, successful traders, government workers, professional workers etc. Maintenance fee of N50 will be deducted monthly. Card issuance fee is N500. There is no specified time for it’s accessibility and availability. You can use it anytime and anywhere both within and outside your country.

Gold Visa Credit Card: This is specially for multimillionaires, Business owners, oil workers and others not mentioned due to time. N750 is the identified issuance fee for gold visa credit card. 24/7 customer services within the country and abroad. Added insurances including, medical insurance, travel insurance are one of its benefits with identified rates.

Only these two are the kinds of visa credit card issued in FCMB. You can as well move to to compare and contrast the cards with its other non-mentioned features. With these outlined features above, I hope you’ve viewed and decided the kind that you desire. Now that you have made your choice,lets proceed with how to start FCMB visa credit card application.

How to Apply FCMB Visa Credit Card

To apply fcmb visa credit card, just approach an FCMB staff in any of their bank branch near your zone. You will be issued the application form to fill. Fill all information as mandated. Other following procedures will be communicated to you by the bank. Alternatively; you can create awareness of being a visa credit card holder by applying online. To do so;

  • Visit
  • Enter your names, email address and phone number
  • Re-write the phone number for confirmation
  • Click on Apply Now
  • Henceforth, await calls from any of the representatives for the application completion.

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Qualities of FCMB Visa Credit Card

100% availability while in abroad
24 hours customer service
Issuance fee is very affordable
There is always room for supplementary
Transfer money with your card
Buy airtime with this visa card
Pay bills such as tuition bills, light bills, subscription plans, utility bills etc
Shop any item in any shopping mall and use your card for payments.
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