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How to Delete Browser History in Google Chrome; Google Chrome is a browser version designed by Google to be used in any device for making searches and browsing the internet. It is the leading browser worldwide. Sometimes, we wish to delete the compiled browser history to maintain security and safe search. You cannot conduct the deletion without the idea.

Like we stated earlier, Google Chrome is a browser created by Google for the sake of safe, advanced, best and comfortable search results. This browser is the most known and most easily accessed due to it’s user friendly interface. It takes nothing to have Google Chrome in your device regardless of the exact device. You can have it in your PC, android, java, blackberry, iPhone, windows phone and rest of them.

It has no special criteria for accessibility. Provided that the device in which it is accessed from is internet enabled, it can access Google through Google Chrome and also dive to the world through the Google Chrome. Updates are in your palm when you have a Google Chrome browser because it is also a data saving browser that ensures that you have problems and difficulties searched and resolved online.

However, in some cases, we use Google Chrome browser in public computers, in a friend’s mobile phone or another accessory that is not ours. In the cause of maintaining absolute security and privacy, it demands that a Google Chrome browser history will be deleted. In that case, discover how to delete browser history in Google Chrome. This is the new way to remove your search history from the browser so that a third party will not know what you searched for.

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Google Chrome Browser Evaluations

Enormous features that made up Google Chrome browser are incomparable and inexplicable. It is so amazing that you can do anything that you want to do with Google Chrome once your data connection is on and good. It might interest you to explore new features of the latest version of Google Chrome

  • Google Chrome browser automatically updates itself. On the contrary, it sends notification for some users so that they will give an authorization before it starts updating.
  • More so, recent Google Chrome browser app saves password of a website for a user so that you can easily login the site faster on next attempt.
  • Additionally, your locations are tracked. When you accept cookies, your searches will be monitored and details accessed but when you learn how to delete browser history in Google Chrome and delete them, you are remarkable steps away from being monitored.
  • Remarkably, you can browse in incognito window so that no one can track you.
  • Use Wi-Fi or direct connection to connect to the browser.
  • Bookmark, download, and open different tabs for easy searches.
  • Surf internet as much and as long as you want.

As a matter of fact, you can add Chrome extensions to help you in some tasks online. You already know the exact extension you want to add.

How to Clear Browser History in Google Chrome

This page will show you how to clear browser history in Google Chrome mobile and PC. For now, see how to use your mobile phone to delete Chrome browse history;

  • Launch Google Chrome browser app from your mobile phone.
  • At default, go to the three vertical three dots at top right side of the homepage.
  • On the drop down menu, choose History.
  • Your browser history will appear on the screen that just appeared.
  • You either tick the ones you want to delete one after the other or you tap on “Clear browser history” at the left side of the page.
  • Choose from the time you want it to delete ( it can be last hour, all time, etc).
  • Hit on “Clear” to start the deletion.

The history has been deleted just like that. What of those using PC as their preferred source of search?

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How to Delete Google Chrome Browser History on PC

Ordinarily, you can delete Google Chrome browser history on PC by simply pressing Ctrl + H. The history will emerge and then chosen for deletion. On the contrary, delete the browser history by;

  • Opening the browser homepage to go to the top right side of the homepage.
  • Click on the Options icon to choose ” History”.
  • Click on Clear Browser History at the right side of the page to choose how you want the history to be deleted.

How to Check my Downloads

We download applications, pictures, extensions, movies, audio, files, documents and lots of them with Google Chrome but some doesn’t know how to monitor their downloads or complete an app installation after the download has been completed. This is how to locate your Download;

  • Launch the web browser.
  • Move to Options at top right side of the homepage.
  • Locate and click on “Downloads”.
  • Your download history will appear.
  • Go through them.

Do you still have problems with deleting the browser histories in your Google Chrome browser? If no, congratulations. If yes, tell us your challenges.

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