How to Make Group Call on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp latest version is out, do you know you can use the new app to make group call on WhatsApp or you can also call it conference call? I will show you. Also be ready to download the latest version of whatsapp if you haven’t.

Whatsapp is an easy app to use, you can comprehend any of its feature without having anyone to teach you. The whatsapp call icon which is used to make conference call on whatsapp is located at the top right hand side of your screen.

Tap to send call across or tap on answer to receive calls. The app is one of the best VOIP (voice over internet protocols) service anyone can get. No restriction, no much charges and you can call foreign numbers with it on cheaper rate. These days, most people prefer to use app to make calls instead of using the normal phone call service which tends to be much costlier.

But here is easy way to make conference call on whatsapp, have you desired to do this? Then you will learn how to do it now. But first thing first; we will show you how to make a call first and after that, we progress to showing you how to make group call on WhatsApp.

How to Make Calls on WhatsApp

Rust me, this is an easy way to do it.

  • Open your chat box.
  • Choose any of the contact you will like to use.
  • Tap on it to open your chat box with the person.
  • Now, you will see a call icon or symbol on the top right corner of your screen, tap on it to start your call immediately.

Easy? Yes, it was, so you have learnt how to make calls on whatapp very easily.

How to Make Group Call on WhatsApp – Video Call

It’s easy to make a call on whatsapp and it’s easier to make conference calls on whatsapp, just like we showed you above, you have seen that it is easy to do, so let us make a conference call now.

  • To start a group call. Tap on call button against the first person you want to call. Mind you, you must first call one person and once the person picks, then you can add another person. If the person did not pick it, you will not add the second person, so wait for the person to receive your call.
  • He has received, Alright proceed to tap on the +icon on the screen, once you do that, your contacts will appear, now choose the person you will like to call and tap on add to proceed.

You see that was easy, but lets us check out the Dos and Don’ts

  • Start a call before adding another one.
  • Make sure your data is on when doing this.
  • Get the third party to know that you are putting a call across.


  • Do not off your data while the call is still on, otherwise you will lose connection.
  • Do not end the call when you are done, because you are the connector, you may discharge others once you do that.
  • When connection is lost, you can end the call and then reconnect.

am glad yu’ve learnt how to Make Conference Call on WhatsApp, so go now to enjoy calls on whatsapp

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