How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Cars

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There are tested and confirmed ways to reduce fuel consumption in cars. This geek is for new, old, automatic, and manual cars. Putting them into practice will save 40% cash of what you have been using before.

No car owner or driver like spending much on fuel. Everybody loves to spend less even when the destination requires a high amount of fuel. It is a result of the fact that nobody loves to make expenses even if they are above or below the weight of the pocket. Spending so much money on fuel drives nuts that is why we have provided you with proven ways to minimize the level of fuel consumption in your car.

If you already have a car, we suggest putting all the practices here into action while those that are yet to get a car should go for an electric or hybrid car although it’s expensive. If you can’t afford it, there are other affordable cars that save fuel. Do not go close to vans, large SUVs, and trucks. Stay off these vehicles because they are not budget-friendly.

Meanwhile, automatic cars have features that help save fuel unlike manuals but do not panic, these geeks mentioned on this page also work for manual cars. Ensure you practice the guide and do not spend huge cash on fuel out of ignorance.

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How to Reduce Fuel Consumption in Cars

There are confirmed ways to save up to 20% of your cash. Read, learn, and practice these tips to help you minimize the money you spend on fuel purchases.

Reduce the Amount of Load you Carry

It may sound deceiving but the high loads weigh down your vehicle and in the process of trying to work hard, it consumes more fuel because it needs more energy to move. It is not just about loads of you pack in your trunk but also passengers.

When you carry people in your car, it consumes fuel more than when there is a single person or none other than you in the car. That is why commercial buses always get their tanks refilled more often than private cars.

Turn off your Engine if you are not Moving Soon

Most drivers do not know that when they idle for long while the engine is on, it consumes fuel. Although it is not totally the same with recent engines. Modern engines will consume less depending on the car model. If you don’t want to move soon, turn off your engine because once it’s on, it will keep consuming fuel.

For those of us, that idle the car thinking that keeping the engine stationary is the best way to warm it, resist such practice because the better way to warm a car is by driving it. Do this and save your cash.

Maintain a Steady Speed and Accelerate Gently

The more you accelerate and hit the accelerator pedal, the more your car needs fuel to accelerate. That is why you should start and maintain a steady speed. Interestingly, modern cars have a feature that helps them not to dip and burst speed but to maintain a steady speed without consuming fuel extravagantly. It is called the “Cruise”.

You are likely to save more with the “Cruise” feature. Manual cars don’t have it, they only have to learn how to maintain the same velocity throughout a drive.

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Close your Car Windows

We suggest you rather close the car windows and drive with AC to save fuel. Just like driving with high loads, a breeze is a load to your car. When the wind weighs down your car and minimizes speed, your car required more force to move and also increases the speed. That is when you consume your fuel. Rather than have the speed drag down your car speed, close the windows and drive with AC instead.

Don’t Drive with Underinflated Tires

Save spare tires and also check your vehicle from time to time. Driving with underinflated tires drags down the car’s speed and as a result of reduced, you will apply more force for the car to move as you desire. That is when you consume more fuel unknowingly.

Hope this guide has changed your life.

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