100+ Undergraduate Australian Scholarships for International Students

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The 100+ undergraduate Australian scholarships for international students will help you with the list and application portal of grants that you can apply online to study in Australia. These scholarships will make you study in any of the affiliated eligible prominent universities like the Carnegie Mellon university, the University of Melbourne, and other so many other universities.

The Australian scholarship is mot only limited to the ones here. This country has over 100 grants that bring in other natives into their country for studies. Some of the scholarships accepts students from all the countries of the world while some scholarships are limited to certain countries but whatever the case may be, you will find out the scholarship best for you, your future, your course of work, and country as well.

Meanwhile, choose from the undergraduate or postgraduate courses depending on the degree you are intending to apply. Also, you have the requirements to meet up with. As there are approximately 300 scholarships for Masters scholarship alone, each of the program has unique requirements. You can check them below for clear view of the one you can meet up with. However, the basic prerequisite is to make sure that you are a student that is ready to travel to Australia for studies.

On the other hand, if you are going for postgraduates, all the transcripts pertaining to the undergraduate years will be needed. Regardless of your family condition or socio-economic status, these 100+ undergraduate Australian scholarships are here for you to explore, discover more, and then apply. So, we are here to share the good news. Check out all we have in stock for you below.

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100+ Undergraduate Australian Scholarships for International Students

Apparently, you have enough program to choose from. You can apply based on their benefits, degree offered, or the requirements you can met with, but all of them are driving at the same destination, studying at the Australian universities allocated to the scholarships in question. It is time to enjoy and earn free monthly stipend in Australian Dollars.

    • Griffith University Scholarship 2022/23

You have the Griffith university scholarship to also choose. It is a program that takes place in Australia and also available for all the degrrees. Do you know why you should choose Griffith university scholarship? It is a full-time grant that offers:

  1. Tuition fee to enlisted students.
  2. Free accommodation
  3. Health insurance
  4. Monthly stipend
  5. The travel allowance from your country to Australia.

However, you can also choose from the part-time grant if you cannot go for the initial grant due to requirements. You will apply here after you have registered to study at the university

    • Carnegie Mellon University Scholarship Apply

Carnegie Mellon university scholarship doesn’t worth to be ignored as well. This scholarship is among the best of all best. The masters degree program has tuition fee offers ranging from AUD $30,000 and AUD $20,000 for 21 months masters degree and 12 months masters respectively. With this scholarship, you are going to Carnegie Mellon university in Australia. The deadline varies annually.

    • Australia Awards Scholarship

Not a single university is participating in the program, there are few other universities participating in the Australia Awards program. It is expected that all the students entering their applications must make before the application deadline.

  • Degree Offered: Masters, Undergraduate, and PhD.
  • Courses Offered: It varies. Students will offer courses available in the universities allocated to the scholarship program.
  • Host Institution: In all the participating Australian Awards University.
  • Grant Duration: Full-Time.
  • Benefits: Travel fee, monthly stipend or allowance, school tuition, accommodation, textbooks, computers, and more.

Application portal for Australia Awards scholarship

    • ADB Scholarship ( Japan Scholarship )

The Asian Development Bank for Japan students is a masters and Doctoral program offered as a fully funded program for international students. Approximately 600 scholarships are offered every year. Enlisted entrants get to enjoy the tuition fees, medical insurance, accommodation, monthly stipend for expenses, and others. Your travel fare to and fro will be part of your benefits.

Therefore, apply for the Asian Development Bank scholarship now if you wish to cover your Masters and PhD program with an international scholarship.

    • Swiburne International Excellence Scholarship

Hey dear! Are you ready to embark on a selfless journey into a new era of education? Do you find it difficult to fund your education due to your financial instability? It is time to get to a program that will annually cover up to $2500 of your school fees. You will get the discount and the remaining will be your responsibility. Looking at this, you will confirm that it is a partly funded scholarship.

Since it is an undergraduate and postgraduate degree that takes place at Swiburne university of technology, students from all over the world apply for it everyday. Apply here now to bag another degree while making new circle of international friends.

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    • Apply University of South Australia Scholarship

Have you heard of the University of South Australia? One of Australian universities with good and great amenities for accommodating postgraduates and helping the research classes with their advanced researches.In order to get the International Research Tuition scholarship ( IRTS ), apply for University of South Australia scholarship for a complete funding throughout your research study period. Start Here to create portal account and apply online!.

    • Rotary Peace Fellowship Program for Foreign Scholars

Here, we offer Masters and PhD studies. The Rotary Peace fellowships grant is only limited to these countries;

  • USA
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Sweden

Only the native of these mentioned countries will enjoy the all round trip sponsorship,  tuition fees, return ticket and travel flight ticket, housing sponsorship, medical insurance, field study expenses, and the internship program sponsorship that comes with the scholarship. For other requirements, click here.

We can go on and on mentioning all the universities and grants that can drag you into Australia legally but for now, apply in any of the mentioned ongoing scholarships above.

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