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19th June, 2022 is the last date to apply ASEAN scholarships for undergraduates. Students from the ASEAN eligible countries are now welcomed to receive the award given for undergraduate level program at Singapore Management university.

ASEAN is awarding tuition fee and living cost fee to deserving students to waive these mentioned costs throughout their undergraduate level at Singapore Management University. For the grant to reach your desk, you must know how to apply, apply for the scholarship while recognizing the application terms and conditions. Interestingly, the ASEAN scholarships for undergraduates is fully funded.

Regardless of everything, there are categories of students that are eligible for this award. First and foremost, you must have a record of good behavior and good academic academic records. Still not forgetting the fact that English proficiency of every student intending to be a candidate must be 100% or at least, close to 100%. Still referring to how to apply ASEAN scholarships for international students.

However, you are free to apply if you are a foreign student that is with citizenship of any of the countries mentioned as eligible countries. That said, above 25 years old of students are not qualified for the grant. Proceed with the application if you are currently a high school finalist that will not be 25 years old by the time the scholarship will be awarded to you.

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Qualified Countries

Hello! If you are not in anyway related to these countries mentioned here, do not attempt the ASEAN scholarship application because it will be disregarded. Meanwhile, below are students that can apply ASEAN scholarships for undergraduates;

  • Indonesia
  • Philippines
  • Brunei
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Thailand
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia.

If you are from any of these mentioned countries, allow me to show you all the benefits that you will enjoy for being one of our students.

Place of Study

First and best of it is that you will be a new and most cared student of Singapore Management University. That said, you will study away from home. Who doesn’t want to study abroad? That is the dream of every freshman and graduates, in fact, all the students.

So, get ready to be certified with original Bachelor’s degree certificate in your dream course. All subjects are eligible here so choose your field of study and receive all eligible training.

Benefits of ASEAN Scholarships for Foreign Undergraduates

Allow me to show you all the privileges set for international students that are ready to change their lives with the straining gotten here.

  • One of the things to take note of is the fact that you will be receiving tuition fee per year.
  • Same way, living cost waiver is also part of the agreed waiver to enjoy.
  • Not only that, you will meet new people from diverse communities and countries.
  • You will receive Bachelor’s certificate after the program provided that your result is good.
  • However, all your waiver will come in cash, others are your responsibility.

Without much ado, look at how to apply ASEAN scholarships for undergraduates.

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Apply ASEAN Scholarships for Undergraduates

International students are free to proceed with this international paying scholarship of they meet up with the requirements stated below:

  1. Applicants must have evidence of their high school diploma.
  2. Only students with good character record will be accepted because they need good ambassadors of the school afterwards.
  3. More to that, you must be ready to maintain your scholarship award with great academic results.
  4. On the other hand is the English proficiency test that will serve as an evidence of your English speaking and writing abilities. Demonstrate your skill with the test.
  5. Afterwards, enroll for an undergraduate course at SMU ( Singapore Management University ) to become a full time undergraduate student there before you will be awarded the undergraduate award full time.
  6. Amongst all, ensure that you are citizen of the mentioned countries. Aside from these eligible countries, you are ineligible to apply

After meeting up with these criteria, visit before the deadline to apply for scholarship.

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