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While we show you the best Canada car insurance companies 2022, check the insurance coverage and rates to know the one that best suit your needs. When any of these car insurance companies got your back, you can road trip yourself with full protection.

Car insurance is the first policy that you should get when a brand new drive arrives. In fact, whether you are getting it secondhand, there is still a lot of needs to get the car insurance because everyday safety is not guaranteed. There are over 200 auto insurance companies in Canada only, not to talk more of the ones in other other countries. Some provinces has made it one of the legal requirements, to get car insurance immediately you got a drive.

Also, some ride-sharing businesses like Uber and Lyft need their drivers to have car insurance since they have already turned their personal cars into business cars. Since there are many insurance in Canada, it is very hard for so many people to make their choices. That is why we have a list of top 5 best car insurance companies in Canada so that you can explore and apply to any of them. Look for their premium plan to know the one you can afford.

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Best Canada Car Insurance Companies

You will realize the top rated Canada insurance companies for cars and their ranking. You can see the ones with competitive rates and ones with arrays of offers for customers. Make your choice after reading their offers and services.

Belairdirect Insurance Company ( 89.05% )

This is an outlet of Intact Insurance Company that focuses on those that turned their private cars into money making machine ( just like Uber drivers ). The company offers wide range of coverage to drivers and discount their premium plan if they are tagged “Safe Drivers” by the OneDrive. In our finding, Belairdirect is the 4th in top 5 best insurance companies for cars in Canada.

The company with its 65 years experience has been running auto protection to millions of people from different provinces. Leverage the merit of being a driver once Belairdirect is concerned.

The Co-operators Insurance Company ( 95% ).

The second ranked auto insurance company in the list of best car insurance companies in Canada 2022 is this Canada owned auto insurance company that now operates in over 40 countries of the world. The Co-operators has many policy plans that you are free to choose from. One of the practices is ensuring that clients afford their rates if no claim was reported the previous year.

You can protect your car today and also take care of any auto situation with The Co-operators insurance company having your back. While there are competitive rates that you can choose from, there are still discounts that will serve as your benefit. It is already running as the second-upper auto insurance company because of many features yet to be unleashed.

Economical Insurance Company (80.56%)

In our research, it happens to be that company that made the list of “5 best auto insurance companies” complete is this Economical Insurance Company. Trust me, it is in the position of offering quality auto products at affordable rates. You can afford the best of the best with your rate at the Economical Insurance company.

Go to to buy an insurance policy for your automobile whether you are with truck, second hand car, bus, lorry, or any kind of automobile. Economical Insurance company will cover you and back you up.

Aviva Insurance Company (98.05%)

The number one in UK and Canada, the Aviva company. A very big insurance establishment that has presence in many countries including UK. Ordinarily, it is a UK-owned company that stays as an outlet in Canada. It has wide of coverages including premium insurance policy for your business and home too. It is not an easy cost establishment, their insurance cost is above the average class but you are assured of discounts if you are a member of an organization such as a trade organization.

The Aviva UK PLC is open for all, just as its outlet in Canada is open for all in reach. Enjoy the efficient services of an auto insurance company that has gained sight in most of the developed countries. It’s the best of the best and also the #1 on the list. Find out more about the company and its rates here.

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Intact Insurance Company (92.86% )

Enjoy the financial regulatory services of Intact Insurance company by buying a policy from them. In fact, this is a company for those with good driving habits. It is the #3. With their product, discount is a sure bet. Good driving habits will fetch you discounts each time you care to pay for your premium plan.

However, Intact insurance has a subsidiary known as the Belairdirect. Both has affiliated with their experiences to cover all automobile problems, provide you with extra road protection and defense. While they are accepted by millions of people, the casualty company has different insurances that help lives. Therefore, find out more about this Canada based insurance company at

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