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Chat now with ease and with more fun once you do Facebook Messenger Download Free, connect now to a large number of people with your mobile and pc using Facebook Messenger.

There are so many messenger app online, like WhatsApp messenger, 2go Messenger, Instagram messenger and even messenger app, but Facebook messenger stands as a separate messaging app operating as an instant messaging app for your Facebook messages. You may have seen an adverts to download Facebook messenger app or to upgrade messenger; these are signals that you need to get a messenger.

However, for more easy access to your Facebook messages and to chat better and faster, Facebook messenger app is what you need to download.

Have you seen a call icon? yes you can actually swap from the traditional chat to voice calls, this is cute; also use hundreds of stickers, emojis and GIFs that is available on messenger to express your emotions. Moreover the traditional means of  chatting or checking your chat is reduced now with Messenger.com.

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Facebook Messenger Features

  • make a quality voice and video calls
  • find out who messaged you on Facebook and why.
  • you need not to login to Facebook to check your messages
  • chat better, faster and easier using Facebook messenger.
  • after your Facebook messenger download free, all your messages on Facebook will appear straight on your messenger
  • easily check the profile of your friends ad contacts.
  • messenger for Facebook is easy.
  • the most user friendly app online
  • multiple color background for a fun-full experience.
  • no advert and redirect links.
  • see your chats even when offline
    app is free compatible and easy to use.
  • download messenger app for free.

How Much is Facebook Messenger?

Am you sure you may have seen that most apps online are beginning to attach price to the app, which means you will have to pay a certain money to obtain or use the app, but that is not applicable with Messenger; so once you are done with your Facebook messenger download free, you will automatically gain access to your Facebook messages immediately. In other words, Messenger app is free and it’s accessible.


  1. Use messenger to chat on Facebook
  2. all your Facebook messages are loaded in your messenger
  3. you don’t need to sign up an account to gain access
  4. accessibility requirements is your Facebook account.
  5. make quality voice call and use voice notes also
  6. find out the profile of the person who messenger you.
  7. app is free.


  • Facebook messenger app is another app outside Facebook app
  • you cannot gain access to your Facebook account using your messenger.
  • anyone who doesn’t own a Facebook account cannot own a Facebook messenger.
  • you can’t see all notifications using your messenger.
  • messenger gains access to your contacts and media.
  • anyone can read up your messages since it doen’t need a login details to log you in.

How to do Facebook Messenger Download Free

Follow the links below to download the latest version of Facebook Messenger:

  1. Download messenger for Android Here
  2. download messenger for iPhone here
  3. messenger download free here for PC
  4. download your messenger app for Windows device here.

Messenger Update

  1. To update app, tap on the update notification and follow the prompts or
    go to google playstore
  2. tap or click to update
  3. allow app to update and install to start using.

Messenger Registration

You have downloaded the app, so what next?

  1. locate the app on your device and tap open
  2. install the app and launch afterwards
  3. agree on the app’s terms of use
  4. login using your Facebook login details.
  5. allow messenger gain access to your contacts
  6. allow messenger gain access to your media etc.
  7. wait for the entries to initiate and here is your account.

Messenger Login

  1. login with your Facebook login details
    login with the app

However, you can’t sign into your main Facebook account using messenger.

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