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Apply Lanzhou international scholarship to enjoy free study in any of your preferred field of study that is available under this scholarship. Upon enrollment, students will secure different levels of certificate provided that the terms and conditions are applied.

Apply Lanzhou scholarship for international students so as to win a consideration to study in China for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral certificate pursuit in the mentioned field of studies. As an applicant, there are few requirements to meet so as to proceed with an application. So, discover how to apply for free.

Lanzhou university is a Chinese university that attracts international students into the university so that they can partner with other Chinese students to generate strong and intellectually talented leaders of tomorrow. We believe that young leaders are the only firm investment that can change the whole universe and generate positive influence, equity, justice and unity among the whole nation. Due to that, foreign students are accepted so that they can stop diversification right from home because charity they say begins at home.

International students are brought together so that they can stay in one environment, regulate their anger, tolerance, wants and the manner in which ideas are shared among them. They will also further their preferred academic field provided that it is among the listed qualified study field. Be ready to be certified with either the undergraduate or the postgraduate certificates. However, it is dependent on the one you applied for.

Above all, applications are only accepted when it is directed to the eligible coursework. It might interest you to see all the eligible subjects so that you can proceed with this tutorial that has shown applicants how they can apply Lanzhou scholarship for international students for free. If you are interested in studying in China as an international student, it will be better if you apprehend the disclosed steps on how to go about the application. The tips will go a long way in helping you, trust me.

Eligible Courses

Interestingly, the underlisted discipline are subjects that can be applied on. Students that are claiming the scholarship grant but don’t have interest in either of the listed subjects or isn’t related to the same field in their previously academic degrees, they are ineligible to apply Lanzhou scholarship for international students.

Thus said, you can only apply for only these listed subjects and they must correspond with your received degree (s) – for postgraduates.

Agricultural Science






Material Science

Clinical Medicine

Earth Sciences







If you don’t have anything to do with either of them, it will be needful for you to refrain totally from knowing how to apply Lanzhou scholarship for international students. It is the only option to consider. Meanwhile, eligible students in terms of subject requirement should master other additional requirements from them. Before then, these are the only eligible level of study.

Qualified Levels of Studies

Which of the fields of university studies are you qualified to undertake in this academic session? Congratulations! International students are fit to start Lanzhou Scholarship for International Students application if:

Undergraduate studies if they are under 25 years of age.

Additionally, Master’s program is also available for under 35 years.

Are you below 40 years? You are qualified to start the Doctoral degree pursuit with the help of this scheme. Voila!

Requirements from International Applicants

With all seriousness, international students are mandated to maintain the age rules set for the applicants. If your age is not aligned with the mandate given, your application will not be considered.

More so, do not apply if you have a Chinese citizenship. Even if it is a dual citizenship and Chinese is one of them, you are not qualified.

Moreover, your application must be for only the enlisted subjects.

If you must know, you are qualified to undertake any of the academic levels without hassle provided that you applied on time.

Satisfactory academic records will not be taken for granted.

However, get your academic transcripts ready. Past degrees will be demonstrated so as to prove your qualification.

Now that you have reviewed the qualifications, it will help you more when you know that the application deadline is April of each year. After that, learn how to apply Lanzhou scholarship for international students.

Apply Lanzhou International Scholarship Online

International are given free opportunity to apply Lanzhou scholarship for undergraduates and postgraduates because it is a high paying scholarship scheme that helps international beneficiaries to attain their career in life. Nothing obstructs students from applying provided that the claimant met with all the scholarship requirements. So, now that you have checked the application prerequisites and have them met, visit

Hit the application button to start filling your information in the application form. This is the only procedure applicable to any applicant that wants to start and complete a particular degree in the university.

We’d love to hear from you. Use the comment box below to ask questions if you have any.

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