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Delete Wechat without phone to stop connecting over one million users with calls, chats, or any form of conversation that you must have been executing here. With these procedures, Wechat web and Wechat windows account deactivation can be executed without causing repercussions.

It will interest you to know that WeChat is an instant messaging app that allow long and probably, unending conversations among over one million users all over the world and still counting. Sometimes, clearing your social media name is a sure thing to do. On the other hand, Wechat must have caused what triggered the account deactivation but who are we to stop you from deleting your account?.

Therefore, here is a guide on how to delete WeChat without phone. As we are well informed, Wechat mobile is not the only way of accessing the dashboard. There are other mediums which include, WeChat Mac OS, WeChat windows, and WeChat web. Which one do you care to deactivate from the mentioned devices?

This is a universal procedure to initiate provided that you can still login WeChat and knows the account details. It may not work for Indians as the government has banned over 50 Chinese apps. Here is all you need to know about this application deactivation.

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How to Delete WeChat Account without Mobile Phone

Like I said earlier, WeChat is not compatible with mobile phones only. Windows and MacOS has their own applications. In case you are using any of the mentioned devices, here is how to delete WeChat

  • Log into your account from the application.
  • Note that you cannot login any account in WeChat from WeChat web since the page wasn’t designed like that.
  • Click on your profile icon by locating the “Me”.
  • Here is your dashboard. Open the settings page by hitting the Settings button.
  • In this tab, scroll down to Account Security.
  • Find “WeChat Account Security”.
  • You can now go to Account Cancellation.
  • Confirm your choice and finish it with the on screen guide.

Here you are!. It is done and dusted. Hope you know that these steps are taken also with your mobile phone?

Delete WeChat Account on WeChat Web

When you log onto WeChat web which is at, you will discover that there is no room for account login. Rather, you’d see only download links. Which device are you using? Apple laptop, Windows laptop, Apple phone, or Android phone? Download the app for your device.

  1. Login to your account using the general method you have been using.
  2. Find your Settings page from the “Me” button.
  3. Locate and click on Account Security.
  4. Scroll down to click on WeChat Security Center.
  5. From here, Account Cancelation button will be found. Open the tab to delete WeChat account without phone or with any preferred device.

What Must be Done after WeChat Deactivation

This is a permanent deactivation and for your request to be attended to, and also turn out positively, you will contribute as well. Do not login within 60 days after your account deactivation. Ensure that no other soul have access to the account so that it won’t be signed into. Any sign in after the deactivation request, it will be canceled. Also, it will interest you to know that:

  • Your friends won’t be able to chat you up or reach out to you easily like before.
  • On the other hand, meeting new people isn’t sure.
  • The charge-free international and local calls won’t hold again on WeChat.
  • The 24/7 messaging attitude that
  • Wechat has been giving you will stop automatically and forever until you probably open another account.
  • Interestingly, WeChat account cannot be restored once deleted.

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WeChat Delete on my Email

Hope you are still with the email address registered to the social media application? You can login now and speak with our virtual support system. They will help and also ensure that your account is properly deleted. Just like you know, thousands of requests come in frequently ( not only deactivation requests).

Either delete your account this way or login with the steps above. Meanwhile, WeChat account deactivation without login is not a dream come true. We need your details for verification and security purposes. For the sake of others here, we wouldn’t love to tamper with your personal information and that of others.

Therefore, bear with us we we walk this long path with you. It is called “long path” because it takes us 60 days to finally let go. So, if our services haven’t satisfied you, contact us now by using the comment box below.

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