Fully Funded Scholarship for African Orphans

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There is a new fully funded scholarship for African orphans. This is an award initiative created for parentless but academic potential students to study in any of their preferred but recognized and high ranked university in UK, Us, and Japan.

Ashinaga Africa Initiative is a scholarship award created since 2014 and offered to Sub Saharan African countries since conception till today. The 2022 scholarship screening has started and students with all requirements met are encouraged to apply for this scholarship before February 19th, 2022 which is the closure date for application.

So, parentless are now urged to apply for this scholarship initiative so as to enjoy a full find addressed to Africans that are ready to render a successful feedback to Ashinaga. Interestingly, opportunity is given for you to explore and choose any university that you wish to study at provided that it is among high ranked universities participating in this scholarship.

Place of Study

Place of study is already certain but dependent on you. Universities where listed and these institutions are all recognized, high participating, high ranked, and special universities available in these three eligible countries >> Uk, Japan, and US.

Therefore, students are advised to browse the university they are applying for in order to discover the availability of the course they intend to offer in higher institution. There is a career you wish to further in school right. Check your choice of university to know if they offer the course.

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Main Objective of Fully Funded Scholarship for Africans

Ashinaga is a Japan-owned scholarship initiative that offers academic gifted students that are from Anglophone, Francophone, and Lusophone African countries to access universities in UK, Us, and Japan. You can only proceed with application if you are an orphan.

Prior to that, the non-profit organization projected the scheme to Africans because this world region is one of the regions that needs education and most of all, development. Students are apparently leaders or tomorrow so they are deeply taking care of academically, mentally, and physically.

When these students are specially attended to, they will be able to encourage positive influence on their respective communities.  Immediately after studies, these selected orphans or bereaved will go back to their respective countries. So, see how fully funded scholarship for African Orphans application is done.

Qualified Constituencies

Like we said earlier, this scholarship is for Africans ( Lusophone, Francophone, and Anglophone ). Only these selected countries can proceed with application of fully funded scholarship for African Orphans and get instant consideration.

Requirements from African Applicants

Without further ado, take closer look at these criteria positioned for highly potential and high aiming students from African.  This section comprises application documents and criteria that makes you eligible.

  • The most important and most prioritized criteria is that you must be an African that is applying from Africa.
  • More to that, proof of being an orphan will be needed. At this point, you need to submit the death certificate of your mum, dad, or both depending on who died.
  • Only undergraduate coursework is available here. In effect, only Bachelor’s degree certificate will be certified.
  • Only students that finished secondary school completely within last two years can apply.More so, your high school diploma must be present.
  • Do not apply if you are above 25 years.Government issued ID proving your African citizenship will be included.
  • Your health condition must be fit.Applicant must also be able to undergo six months camping before the program proceeds.
  • You must have the zeal to go back home after your program is started and completed successfully.

Requirements are unveiled for students. Also, take advantage of this moment to discover supporting application documents.

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Supplementary Documents

Here are documents to attach to your completely filled application form. In case you have not come across the documents, they include:

  1. High school diploma that proves when you graduated from secondary school.
  2. Passport.
  3. Result of last two years in secondary school.
  4. National ID that proves your country.
  5. Birth certificate that proves your age.
  6. Contact address ( Email address and phone number ). They must be effective.
  7. Proof of parent (s) death.

Fully Funded Scholarship for African Orphans

There are two ways to apply for this scholarship. Either you apply it directly on the scholarship portal which is the electronic way of applying or you just download the form, fill it, scan it, attach other additional application documents and send to Ashinaga email address. Which of the is your choice?

    • If you want to apply directly online, go to https://ashinaga.smapply.io/acc/r/?g=80409. Fill the form completely and submit.
    • But if reverse is the case, visit https://ashinaga.smapply.io/protected/resource/eyJoZnJlIjogMTE2NDk0MDc0LCAidnEiOiAxNTI1OTV9/ to download the form. Attach it’s documents and submit at [email protected].

Remember that it is a no fee application. So, pay no penny.

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