How to Apply Masters Scholarship in Poland for Foreign Students

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Intelligent students with competitive skills should approach now to apply for masters scholarship in Poland in order to grab a First-Class Research training in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovekia. They are assured of accessible Masters learning in any of the 5 courses recognized and offered with Masters Scholarship in Poland.

The Masters Scholarship in Poland is a well defined scholarship that offers euro grant to International students of selected qualified countries. This explained that not all countries are qualified to apply, therefore, not every student should target the scholarship application. How will you confirm the eligibility of your country? We will help our readers to identify the eligible countries on this page but you should be aware that Masters Scholarship in Poland is not a partially funded scholarship.

Interestingly, the scholarship grant covers student’s tuition fee and mobilization fee from the country admitted for the free study to their initial primary bases. It might also interest you to know that there are above 3 Universities which students are free to choose from. You will be faced with possibilities of being admitted to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia or Hungary. . So, any of these will undertake you through their participating universities.

If you have finally decided to commence your Masters Scholarship with the great and 100% freely funding Masters Scholarship in Poland, play the role of apprehending every single step positioned on this guide. Ensure that you employed all the basics during application so that your intent will drop to reality. Do not worry, we have you covered.

Participating Universities

Well, it will interest you to know the Universities that are open and ready to undertake you for a Masters certification in Poland or other cities collaborating with the scholarship. Below are the listed Universities that one of them will be your Institution for Masters Experience

  1. Matej Bei University
  2. Masaryk University
  3. Jagiellonian University
  4. University of Pecs

Behold the fortunate four Universities that partakes in the nurturing of great, perfect and talented leaders. These universities will contribute to the development of the hidden leadership skills in each and every of the students. In as much as, thousands to millions of students will apply this scholarship with approval anticipation, not all will be chosen.

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Selection Criteria

Students will be selected based on merits and on the top bright students with top scores will be top considered. Your application form and quality of contents will also determine the level of being considered for the scholarship because only Intellectual brightened students are . The most demanded and anticipated scholarship for every student. Get this opportunity of free study in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Universities linked to each of the constituencies that are in collaboration with the Poland Masters Scholarship will undertake students from:

  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Georgia
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Armenia
  • Bosnia
  • Czechia
  • Kosovo
  • Azerbaijan
  • Macedonia
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Albania
  • Montenegro
  • Herzegovina
  • Northern Macedonia
  • Moldova

Eligibility Requirements

Your eligibility is completely assured when

  1. You are a student applying from any of the mentioned eligible countries aforementioned and with proof of being a citizen of the qualified country by Birth or Naturalization.
  2. Only Masters Applicant are eligible of the scholarship
  3. Previous academic records will be needed in a Transcript format so as to affirm the last academic level attended
  4. Your Bachelor’s degree must be the least qualification to present
  5. Only students with interest on only the available courses that can be accessed with the scholarship are eligible for application.

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Check out Eligible Courses

Masters Scholarship in Poland tends to graduate students in these three identified field of courses which includes:

    • International Financial Markets
    • International Relations
    • European Governance

Above mentioned are nature of faculties that its training will be issued to students on this Research program. If your dream course offered in previous Undergraduate level in not inclusively mentioned, then you are ineligible.

How to Apply Masters Scholarship in Poland

Check out the eligibility criteria and other criteria for application, you can now decide the nature and level of your eligibility on this scholarship. If you have all these requirements met, then here is the application form. Go to

The 2023 application opportunity will expire on 29th July, 2023. If you missed the application, drop your contact address on the comment box for a clear instruction on what to do next.

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