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Here is how to start and complete the International Ambassadors scholarship application which has offered tens to thousands of students all around the world scholarships to study at University of West London. You are free to commence the application after you have checked your eligibility below.

Do you know that the popularity of this scholarship has fetched thousands of alumni from different parts of the world because only non-European students are qualified to leverage the grant from the beginning to the end? To apply, you surely need a guideline to successfully get all the procedures just as the management wanted it to be.

But the most known factor for the existence of this scholarship is to offer financial assistance or financial strength to talented and bright students wishing to further or start their academic program towards excellence but they are unable to go through due to one or two difficulties either personally or from family. So, we recommend that you complete the international ambassadors scholarship application which is meant for all global student citizens going through these texts.

You can now apply international ambassador scholarship to study at the University of West London with a guarantee of tuition fee and flight expenses covered by the grantee. As expected, if you are a student of an undergraduate program, you should prepare your high school results for the kickstart of this scholarship. The same instruction is directed towards the postgraduate perspective.

As usual, you are expected to get proof of undergraduate program participation and graduate status before you become considerate of the International Ambassadors scholarship application. Nevertheless, let’s get to the foundation and all the requirements to the core so that you will know your stand and level of eligibility before acquiring positivity towards this international scholarship.

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Host Institution:

These students are promised first-class study at the University of West London for the whole year of their studies in UK. On the other hand, they will be funded throughout their 3 years and 2 years for their undergraduate and postgraduate respectively.

Eligible Study Level

Do not be screwed with the study level aimed in this scholarship. Hold it intact now. We expect and welcome only non-European students with the aim of starting up undergraduate participation for the first time. Students that haven’t ever been certified with a Bachelors’s degree.

Then, on the other hand, is the postgraduate expertise. These are students for either Masters’s or Postgraduate programs. Any of these degrees about to be attained mustn’t have ever reached you since your lifetime. Ensure that!

Benefits of International Ambassadors Scholarship

  1. To help students academically
  2. To strengthen students financially
  3. Finalists and also lucky students will get to know more about other people’s way of life, religion, and personalities
  4. Learning from another environment is another part of learning
  5. Practicalize your specialized program and become extra impacted
  6. Learn from other professors and specialists. It helps in widening experiences and intellectual advancement.
  7. You are promised various skill acquisitions alongside your educational program
  8. Students for postgraduate studies will gain a lot from their research expositions
  9. Study for free

Available Courses

The only considered courses are those disciplines offered at the University of West London, UK. Any interested applicant of this International Ambassador scholarship should see the university portal and website and ensure the availability of their course of specialization because your degree can only come through with a course in the related field.

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International Ambassadors Scholarship Application

  • Make sure that you are a student of the University of West of London without UK citizenship before you apply. If you are an international applicant, obtain an admission offer from your related study level before proceeding with this scholarship. That’s our agreement and policy!
  • Then, we urge students with any of the degrees aimed at this scholarship but still intend to apply to avoid this scholarship or else, suffer the consequences.
  • Application is meant to be downloaded as pdf online, filled and submitted in accordance with the policy and assigned application materials
  • Please apply before 1st July 2022 if you are really sure about starting up your program in September.
  • The application portal will be shown to you from here. So, you will apply immediately, no time to check the time.

Currently, the application is closed. Drop your email so as to be notified next time it starts.

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