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As a student that is aspiring for an academic trip to Malaysia, you must apply Malaysian students visa to get started. Without your visa, you cannot enter Malaysia and the best way to apply for it without repercussion is what we have on this page.

Malaysia is another top choice for international students presently planning to study abroad. Interestingly, many reputable universities are in Malaysia making it one of the top choices of countries to pick when you want to study away from your hometown. Well, anyone can travel to Malaysia provided that they go through the general process of the visa. However, a visa is applied and given based on why you are traveling to Malaysia.

Just like you are planning to take up a course in any of the Malaysian universities, you will apply Malaysian students visa before the emigration is guaranteed. Moreover, students going for a Malaysian students visa will ensure that they have gotten a letter of admission from any Malaysian college or university before applying for the visa because the enrollment letter is among the documents to show for your visa application.

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What Delays Malaysian Students Visa Processing Time

A lot of people apply for Malaysian visa on time as it concerns when they intend to leave but also end up getting the visa processed very late. As a result of these facts mentioned below, you end up delaying the processing of the visa by yourself.

  • When the information on your papers doesn’t align with each other. Having different information for a particular question. Everything should be correct word-to-word.
  • If you are on the lane of applying for a student visa you must ensure you have gotten the admission letter from the Malaysian college or university that you want to attend.
  • All the documents requested by Immigration Malaysia will be made available unless you don’t want to make a move.
  • The details in your Malaysia Student visa application form will completely tally with the ones in other documents.

That is how to have your application attended to very fast. Since we are already on it, why don’t you learn about the eligibility criteria for applying for a Malaysia students visa?

Eligibility Criteria:

Applying Malaysia visa is simple, meet the immigration office or their application center to submit all the details needed, etc, but what will make you eligible for the visa application?

  1. Student visa application is affordable but before applying make sure you are already enrolled in a study program in one of the recognized Malaysian colleges/universities.
  2. Medical test: A medical record will be requested to be sure that you are healthy.
  3. Your parents’ or sponsor’s bank statement will show if you are strong enough to finance your stay in Malaysia.
  4. Have your visa fee.
  5. Convince the immigration officer that you will go back to your country after your studies unless you applied and have gotten a Malaysian permanent resident permit.

We will now recommend the application documents to you so that you get them ready for your student visa in Malaysia application.

Malaysian Students Visa Requirements & Documents

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You must take note of these documents so that your application will not be delayed.

  • The most important document is your enrollment letter – Without an admission letter from a Malaysian college, your application will be delayed.
  • Get ready a passport that will stay six months valid extra by the time you leave Malaysia. There should be free blank pages in that passport.
  • To prove your money strength, the bank statement of your parents will be requested since you are a student. If you are not sponsored by your parents, provide the bank statement of your sponsor.
  • There will be a cover letter from your parents proving that they accept your move. It will be signed by the parents or guardian that wrote the letter.
  • Health insurance.
  • Medical record of yellow fever test. Provide the original and photocopy of the yellow fever certificate.

The rest will be made known to you when you meet the immigration officer in charge of your visa.

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How to Apply Malaysian Students Visa

Find the Malaysia application Center in your country, schedule an appointment with the immigration officer working, and make inquiries about the application documents. The requirements vary by country, that is why you should inquire to find out additional and exempted documents before applying.

On your application day, go with your visa fee, fill out the application form, attach the required documents, and ensure that your information tally. Attend your interview and receive your passport, visa stamp, and information on your arrival and departure date.

For additional inquiries, use the comment box below.

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