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Start USA Visa application if you are an aspiring immigrant that wants to travel with legal USA visa. Know your application fee and pay as instructed after you have discovered your visa type. Meanwhile, this MRV (Machine-Readable Visa) has validation limit. Within those limits, you are urged to appoint for an interview before it expires.

USA is a country any foreigner will love to go to either for tourist, business, education or any other purpose which must be beneficial to the body and soul. As we may have it, foreigners are not restrained from transferring to this country as immigrants but were mandated to comply to laid terms and conditions in order to enter this country legitimately. As a matter of fact, this page has arrived with all needed documents and application for process for USA visa application.

On your own, you will start from knowing why you want to travel to this country or migrate permanently to the country. Moreover, the visa rendered outside US is a temporary visa. The Green visa is not easily gotten but you can luckily grab yours from the Green Lottery application which takes place every year. This is a process setup by US Government in collaboration with the US immigration agencies in bringing in qualified new citizens into the country as citizens of their country, USA.

However, if you want to apply for US Green Visa Lottery, click here. Back to where we were, USA Visa application is a paid application because there is anon-refundable application fee attached to the application. So, first of all deliberate the purpose for your migration to teh country and then search for the USA visa application form so as to download it as PDF file. Then, discover the supplementary credentials so as to scan and attach to your application form.

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USA Visa Type

This is the center of the whole application. If you apply without knowing the visa type, MRV won’t be identified and any application without fee payment is invalid. In that case, sit a bit and discover why you ant to travel to this country. If the discovery has ben made, review the list below to actually identify the exact visa type to click during application. Moreover, these visa types has their unique fees which claimant must pay in order to activate the application.

  • Visa E – Investor, trader, Australian Professional Security
  • Visa Q – International Cultural Exchange
  • US Visa P – Athletes, Entertainers and Artists
  • USA Visa T – Victim of Human Trafficking or for refugees
  • Visa B – Business or for Tourism
  • Visa I – Media and Journalist
  • USA Visa C-1: Transit
  • US Visa D – Ship Crew or Airline
  • Visa J – Exchange Visitors
  • Visa M – Student for vocational
  • US Visa H – Temporary workers, trainees and employment
  • Visa K – for a husband or wife of a citizen
  • Visa Q – International Cultural Exchange
  • US Visa L – Intracompany transferees
  • USA Visa R – Religious Worker
  • Visa TN/TD – NAFTA Professionals
  • Visa F – Student for academic
  • US Visa U – Victim of Criminal Activity
  • Visa O – Persons with Extraordinary Ability

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Welcome back! These are the US Visa types. Each of them has it’s unique MRV which is non-refundable. This MRV is Machine-Readable Visa takes approximately 3 seconds to become successful once it has been sent as a payment.

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USA Visa Application

Since you want to travel to USA for whichever reason best known to you, below are the processes to put in practice for your application to be rendered successfully.

(A) Discover your Purpose: Your purpose will actually determine the Visa type to choose and click during your application. After the choosing the Visa type, take this next step.

(B) Download USA Visa Application Form: Download the application form as a PDF file at and then complete it with the page-required details. Ensure that none of the columns are left blank because this is an official international immigration application.

(C) Make your Payment: Now, the payment which you have to make at this stage is a non-refundable application fee which is already determined by the Visa type you chose. Move to our online platform to discover the amount of your visa type. Pay for the MRV and receive your receipt before leaving the portal.

(D) Attach the Supplementary Documents: There are requirements which varies according to country. The required documents addressed to your country is not same as another country. So, once you indicate  the requirements by US to your country, ensure that they were attached to the application form.

(E) Attend the Interview: Appoint an interview at any US Embassy or Consulate in your country so as to complete the whole application. This interview must be appointed and attended to, no later than one year of receiving payment receipts. Your receipt will expire after one year. So, once it expire, you cannot reverse the validity or appoint an interview, rather you will pay for another one.

Congratulations! You have learned how to apply for US Visa. Once you follow this process laid here, we hope that the US visa application will be successfully completed and return with good news. Goodluck!

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