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If you don’t know how to boost Facebook account in this 21st century, you are the one that is losing. As a businessman, boosting your Facebook post is the best part of your sales on Facebook. Therefore, see how to boost Facebook account for free.

As e-commerce is concerned, advertisement is the vital method initiated in order to enjoy big sales and profits. This includes sharing the idea of your product on social media. Facebook is by far the largest media platform with the highest subscribers and registered users. In order to meet your sales target, Facebook is the best place.

I trust you don’t know how vital that Facebook account is. Without much ado, Geekdailies will walk you through the basic information needed in order to make your business sales or any post on Facebook reach the end of the world. You want to inform the whole Facebook community including your friends about your organic posts right? You just need these steps and a little money to make it happen. It is more like Facebook ads but you will enjoy the outcome more.

In just a few clicks, your Facebook account will be boosted using the Facebook boost button that is right in your FB mobile app or website. However, if you don’t have an account yet but desire to boost your sales, make your posts reach the front of almost all the Facebook users, meet the right people for your business or motive, gain followers using this method, grab your cup of coffee and watch us walk you through the hassle-free procedures.

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What I Need to Boost my Facebook Account/Post

Facebook boost is the same as Facebook ads with few differences. The FB ads have many options and are also one of the best ways to promote your businesses on this social community and on Instagram as well. What is the need of following a complicated routine when you have a very simple, yet effective way to boost your account and business?

All you need now is to get clearer information on how to go about it. As we said, there are few protocols to recognize for this act to be a success.

  • You need as little as 1 US dollar to complete the boosting. However, this is not the peak of it.
  • The boost budget slider will show you how much of the audience to reach with your chosen payment.
  • The most important of all is a Facebook account which will help you reach the boost features, and create posts just like you normally do. Using texts, call-to-action, pictures, and videos.
  • Importantly, create a Facebook business page if you don’t have one. All we do henceforth must be on your business page.

Here is how to create Facebook Business Page

How to Boost Facebook Account on Mobile Phone or PC

Using the mobile phone app or the website interface to login your Facebook account using the normal email address or phone number and password.

  •  Log in your Facebook business page or Facebook page.
  • Go to the exact post you want to boost and locate the blue icon at the bottom right side of the post.
  • Click on the “Boost Post”.
  • Select the goal for your selected post. If you need some help choosing a goal, allow the app to choose based on your page settings. Remember that Facebook knows the best for you based on your page settings.
  • Choose what you want your call-to-action to be showing ( Learn More, Book Now, Shop Now, Sign Up, Send Message, Call Now, and so on ).
  • You can also choose to have no button on your Call-to-action.
  • Choose your audience and your edit the audience. That is, select location, age, gender, and interests of the people you want to reach with your paid boosted post. This is where we will show you the potential reach.
  • After that, “Save Audience”.
  • Choose how many days you’d like to boost the selected post. Using the schedule button, you can fix the timing. Before you make this decision, it is best you know when your audience is likely to be online.
  • Next, use our slider to set the budget. You can spend at least one USD per day. Each pay decides the estimated number of people to reach each day.
  • After you have set up the Facebook Pixel and understood how your ads perform, proceed with the payment. At this point, you are allowed to choose your payment method.
  • Recheck the estimated daily results again, as they are here on your screen now. The estimated amount of people to reach per day, the payment summary, and the link clicks are detailed now.
  • You can go ahead and click on the blue icon at the bottom right side of the page which says “Boost Posts”. That is if you are convinced with the choice made.

Have you seen how simple it is to boost your Facebook post with just a small amount of money, unlike Facebook ads. Try logging in your Facebook business page now to do as shown above.

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Boost my Facebook Account on iPhone

With your iPhone or iPad same steps are deployed. Just as straightforward as the steps above are, the same thing will appear on your screen when using the Apple devices too. Also, if you have corrections to make, edit Facebook boosted posts with the steps below:

  1. Go to the Facebook page again and find the post you want to make the corrections to.
  2. Click on “View Results” under the boosted post selected.
  3. Hit the three dots to delete the ad. Hey! Chill! It doesn’t clear your post, but cancel the boost itself.
  4. Edit the post and go back to follow the method of boosting posts as shown above.

If you are satisfied with this post, you are free to let us know by using the comment box below to share your comments.

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