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Hey dear, why do you want to know how to close Heartscanada account? Are you done with the app, have you found the perfect match for your next trip, or do you just want to access the website again due to some policies and probably a case of incompetence? is available again today to see you through the measures.

You may know the consequences of deleting this account or you may not but this page will help you with all the information you need. Heartscanada dating site is one of the known dating sites in Toronto. Members are from different parts of the world and with this exposition, it is certain that you will surely meet your match once Ruth ( virtual assistant ), put her mind to it. The account is free of course and accessible with the user’s details.

I believe that for you to aspire for Heartscanada account deactivation you must have your reasons. Notwithstanding, members that have their accounts deleted will enjoy freedom from meeting friends every day. However, if you are not fond of the daily emails from this Toronto dating site, this is the time to breach it forever. Stay back and get all the needed details for this account deactivation.

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Scope for Deleting the HeartsCanada Account

You will have to make your mind up first and not give up no matter what it will take. After that, you are left with the option of knowing;

  1. How to login your account
  2. Know the details for logging in to the account if your password specifically, is lost.
  3. Still have the email used for the account registration.
  4. More so, using Heartscanada mobile app to cancel your account won’t be a bad idea.
  5. It is a permanent and irreversible account deactivation.

So, if you are ready to lose this dating site that offers sixth sense matchmaking, proceed with the deactivation shown below.

How to Close HeartsCanada Account

To stop accessing the matchmaking services provided by Heartscanada dating site, it will be wonderful for you to proceed the deactivation using the steps shared below;

  1. Open your mobile app to login to your account or just go to
  2. Navigate to the gear icon to click on Settings.
  3. Choose profile settings.
  4. Locate and tap on “Account Deactivation”.
  5. Now that you have clicked on it, the opportunity to delete the dating account is here.
  6. Confirm the deactivation and enjoy your freedom.

The account can’t be accessed or used for reaching out to friends and a partner now that the account is deleted.

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Can you write? If you can express yourself in writing and also love to reveal your idea in writing instead, the customer care support system for the Heartscanada dating site is always available for members like you. Should in case you feel like reaching them, contact the service at [email protected].

When you have finally tried all these measures and they finally or either of them works for you, use the comment box below to let us know. However, if the result turns out otherwise, you can still update us in the comment section.

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