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Do you know that when you sign up account you are joining a social networking platform with over 50 million users from across the globe? This is the best, rich, most comfortable, and recently the most populated, yet popular platform to chat, be happy, and have fun with your data only.

The is also known as Odnoklassniki but that name is really long and inconvenient for foreigners so you can just relax and call it This app or website is controlled by registered users but owned by Russians. is owned alongside other websites you must have heard of >> and Meanwhile, is one of them. Meant for mailing only.

However, we found out that many people are looking for how to sign up account because of the data-saving attitude it renders to users. Well, we are back with strong information on how to set up the account so that you will run your own profile and enjoy the easiness plus the user-friendly interface provided.

Also, mobile app is available for both iOS ( iPhone and iPad ) and also for android devices. Having the mobile app renders every action easier and faster for users that have the app installed in their custody. It is one of our recommendations to you. Download mobile app to enjoy each of its privileges to the fullest.

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Values of Account

The page is now available in different languages. Just to improve convenience, the page features English, Russian, Spanish, Uzbek, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Kazakh, and Armenian. People from different corners of the world join this social community so the opportunity to choose the language you are conversant with is already created.

  1. With the way languages are embedded, the interface is also user-friendly for all users.
  2. Plus, you are entitled to ongoing free chats.
  3. Engage in live chats and free international calls.
  4. You can now keep in touch with your family and friends.
  5. The best navigation experience is already assured with this Trust me.
  6. Signing up for an account is free and simple just like the login procedure.
  7. It is a website created and owned by Russian but foreigners also dominated making it an international platform.
  8. Get ready to make new friends, mostly Russians and fewer from other countries ( optional ).

There are a hundred advantages of that you ought to have an idea of but for the sake of time and convenience, we will move directly to the account sign up already. When you move in there, all these privileges will become clear to you.

Sign up Account

Luckily you got information about the features before signing up. Now is the time to set up the long-awaiting account.

  • Simply launch an internet web browser and visit
  • Move to the downside of the login form to click on the Registration button.
  • Enter your phone number for verification or another person’s phone number but just ensure that it receives SMS.
  • Select your country,
  • Other bio data like your name, email address, date of birth, and the rest will be needed now to create the account.
  • Provide and fill them accordingly into the columns and hit on sign up button.

That is all. Meanwhile, can you create account without a phone number? No, you cannot make account without a phone number because that digit is the only avenue that will prove that you are not a robot.

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In that case, use your username and password to log in, or just tap on any of the third-party platforms that you have an account for so as to use the details for signing in to your

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