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Gather business ideas with the University of Newcastle undergraduate scholarship apply which you must do in order to get into a business field of study in this Australian university. Specifically, this award is only for freshmen ready for undergraduate pursuit in a recognized university.

University of Newcastle Australia is currently undertaking high school leavers that aim to study in a recognized Australian university or Australia instead. This scholarship is targeted at foreigners. So, as an international student, you can consider University of Newcastle undergraduate scholarship apply which is a great source for free quality education in business faculty.

Of course, you can now instill the needed ideas, intellects and enlightenment when it comes to business because this is a business-focused study in Australia. With the immense benefits and awards offered which we are sorry to say, is not a fully funded, you will support your school funds and handle your tuition fee in the cause of commencing your full-time study pursuit in the university.

As a matter of fact, an applicant of this scholarship must be a student that is not currently holding another substantial scholarship. More to that, you must be an international student currently residing in Australia and also ready to undertake a full-time study. If you must know, only full-fee paying students are put in account during selection.

In that case, observe how to do University of Newcastle undergraduate scholarship apply online. It is a free application with no separate application fee. Just play your role of applying to the university for consideration into their eligible undergraduate coursework. Don’t worry, all their undergraduate courses are accessed with this scholarship.

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Requirements from Students

For you to become eligible of this scholarship, there are requirements you must meet up with and below are those requirements:

  • All applicants are informed not to search for separate application form for University of Newcastle undergraduate scholarship because only your admission status is needed to get you awarded.
  • More to that, ensure that you are currently not holding any other scholarship other than this one you are intending to receive.
  • However, you must be a student that will be able to pay his/her other costs after AUD 10,000 is offered.
  • Our students obtained legal student visa. So, for you to enter Australia, you have to immigrate with a proper student visa that was gotten in a proper way.
  • Also, English proficiency test is among the results that will be taken account of. So, you must undergo an English proficiency test.
  • Students with minimum 3.5 GPA are the top prioritized.

Are you in financial need? Then, apply University of Newcastle undergraduate scholarship with the method shown here.

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Place of Study

Australia and University of Newcastle precisely.

Eligible Studies

We only recognize Business as the field of study to be enlightened on, with the ongoing scholarship. So, you can receive the grant to receive support in your Business courses;

  • Business Management
  • Business Administration and so on.

Deadline of Application

  • Its an annual scheme that it’s application deadline varies. 2022 session has been completed. So, you are urged to mount on the stage of the 2023 as the scholarship is currently ongoing and will end January 2023.

University of Newcastle Undergraduate Scholarship Apply

Our scholarship doesn’t take another pathway of application. Students are urged to ignore website mandating them to click on a particular link just to apply for our scholarship because there is no designed application form in form of pdf or any other file format. Just proceed to the university portal to apply an admission to the university, in the field of Business.

Once you are selected and admitted into our undergraduate faculty which you made clear to us at you will now win consideration of being selected. That’s all.

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