How to Pay Dubai Visa with GT Bank App

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Looking for how to pay Dubai visa with GT Bank app? You are doing the right thing by choosing this safest method of paying for your visa. Since you can apply Dubai visa from beginning to the end, see how to pay for the visa online as well.

Dubai visa is one of the easiest visa to apply and get. It is easy to apply for the visa and get it within 75 hours. It is also very easy and safe to pay for the visa with GTBank mobile banking app. The convenience is top-notch. To meet this service, you must have a GTBank account.

Also, an applicant must have followed the right procedure whereby documents must be provided in order to validate an application. We have once shared a guideline on how to apply Dubai visa from your phone. A birth certificate, National ID, and copy of your international passport must be inclusive. If you applied for visa before, get the copy of the visa too.

Moreover, your international passport must be at least six months validity. So, when all of these are recognized while applying for UAE visa online, nothing can stop you from enjoying a feature designed by GTBank for all travelers trying pay for their airline with the internet banking account. Stay here and join us in discovering how to apply Dubai visa with GT Bank app.

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Requirements for Paying Visa with GTBank

First of all, it is a clear idea that you must be a visa aspirant or an applicant for you to seek for a payment method. Since you are into using a GTB account to pay, you must be the bank customer.

Therefore, go to a GT bank now to register for an account. You can just open GTBank from your phone when you log onto the internet banking website.

  1. Set up the internet banking account to create the online access provided to all the customers by GT bank.
  2. On the other hand, you must be a Dubai visa applicant.
  3. The last but not the least is your age and nature of your bank account. Hope you know that you can’t use a student account for this payment?.

Since we are all cleared on the properties of anyone that would want to learn how to pay Dubai visa with GT bank, it is time to make it happen.

How to Pay Dubai Visa with GTBank

What a privilege? Look at the big advantage at your feet now. An opportunity to apply Dubai visa online with few steps and also complete the payment seamlessly via a trusted source. With this bank, you can get your visa within 72 hours of payment. How do you do that?:

  • Login your GT bank mobile app. If you don’t have an account yet you can create now with your bank account number and ATM card.
  • When you have logged in with your user ID and password, choose a sub menu “Other payments”, tap on Airline and Travel.
  • Select the Dubai Visa application or UAE visa application.
  • You can follow the online prompts to complete the payment.

Should in case you prefer to log onto internet banking website directly, here are the steps needed.

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Pay UAE Visa Online with GTBank Internet Account

Since you already have a GTBank user ID and password, you can just decide to login with your web browser instead of your mobile app and pay from the platform.

  1. Right now, visit using any browser of your choice.
  2. Navigate to the Login section and enter the user ID and password.
  3. Login your online account to choose Airline and Travel sub menu.
  4. Choose Dubai/UAE visa application.
  5. Follow the prompts to finally pay your visa from your bank account.

GTBank will send receipt to a bank linked email upon successful transaction. Once it is generated, print the receipt and keep for references.

There are other ways to pay for Dubai visa in Nigeria, you just need to grab any choice of payment method and complete the on screen prompts.

Hope this article cleared your doubts? Drop comments in the box below if you still have any inquiry or suggestion.