JAMB Regularization | Effects of Bad Governance on JAMB Regularization

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If you are applying JAMB regularization now, I believe you will agree with me on the fact that bad governance has affected a lot in the education system including in JAMB regularization. A lot of stress is being imposed on students. Meanwhile, do you want to apply for JAMB regularization?

Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is a government board responsible for admitting students into tertiary institutions. They are also responsible for rectifying any error you may have in your admission details. Although it costs some cash but every error will be corrected for the betterment of students. Do you know why you need Jamb regularization?

  • If your admission details doesn’t tally with JAMB information, you may need to apply the JAMB regularization now or later.
  • Also, students that didn’t get admission in the year they registered for JAMB apply for the regularization.
  • The board validates your details to make you eligible to secure admission letter or registration number.

If you didn’t get an admission letter from JAMB but was issued an admission by a tertiary Institution, the JAMB regularization will be applied.

  • Upcoming NYSC members need the regularization application as well.
  • Students that did pre-degree program need it as much as those that got direct admission into school does.
  • Looking at these benefits, you will discover that students with no prior record with JAMB database but got admission are qualified to be JAMB regularization candidates.
  • There are lots of roles JAMB regularization plays in the lives of students.

In clear condition, JAMB regularization is in high demand by the students but do you know the effects of bad governance in this JAMB regularization? You may have experienced these once or twice, feel free to attest to it as well.

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Side Effects of Bad Governance in JAMB Regularization

Do you know that I was in a jamb office today for jamb regularisation and was hoping that everything could go as procedure demands. But do you know what? I spent the whole day at Jamb, Joint Admissions And Matriculation Board ( JAMB ) office

I left home as early as I could because there’s curfew in my location. So, you need to act as the law demands although I arrived here by 7:30. Meanwhile, some people make it here before me

At first, the gatemen ordered all the candidates not to come into the vicinity. How can an applicant be restricted from its core reason for attending such occasion?
After two hours of roaming around the vicinity, access was granted without knowing what is in stock for us. It was really not a walk in the park, not as as easy as we thought.

Nevertheless, no one is here to attend to those that came for the first time nor did they paste anything related to the procedures on the notice board. What a ruined country!.
All the aspirants with little or no clue had to start making inquiries by themselves, if not, you will be ignorant of the whole procedure. You’ve to ask around for guidelines.

Here are the Requirements:

  1. Every attendant must proceed with the first step which is creating jamb profile which requires your jamb registration number, an up and running email address and a phone number that receives SMS.
  2. Generating of payment pin
  3. Provide the email used in creating jamb profile and your password which is your number.
  4. Also, you must be ready to provide your name and your mobile number.
  5. All the candidates are expected to proceed with payment of the fixed amount for JAMB regularization using their mastercard debit card.
  6. A copy of the payment receipt will be needed as well. With your receipt, you can now sign up for the Jamb regularization.
  7. The next thing is to do your thumbprinting individually before printing the acknowledgement for the regularisation in a cyber.
  8. Then, here comes the final stage, which is submitting the form printed to your school ETF for mobilisation

The process sounds so simple to execute but this is my country where you’ll have to suffer everyone because you have to go through the imposed stress and knowing of people beforehand before you can achieve anything meaningful.

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Do you know what they did? ( Bad Governance )

Security staff addressed the students intending to apply for the jamb regularisation. Can you guess what he told all the participants that left their various homes early for registration so that they can go home sooner?

“There’s no light it’s too early for the solar energy to charge up”.
Everybody started mumbling to themselves before everyone dispersed to find convenient corners to settle down.

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About two hours later, thank God a sound emanated from a hotel adjacent to the Jamb office telling them that there is light.
A staff came out to change over to Nepa
Which clearly means that the solar has been on, no doubt

In fewer time he came to address us again that there’s no network. I was willing to on my hotspot for them but they declined
So we’ve to keep waiting.

How can a student strive to get into school, strive to get admission, finish studying, strive to get ready for NYSC, graduate, and all strive to get a job? Common JAMB regularization that supposed to be an official attendance to applicants is now a delay too.

Can Nigeria do anything without delay? Bad governance!

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