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How to get Brazil tourist visa is a guide you should have handy before applying for the country visa. Getting a detailed idea online is like dropping a pin in the ocean because there are many contents to scroll through, but with us, the reverse is the case.

Brazil is a perfect place for vacation. This improved and developed island country has a lot of places that will keep you engrossed and hands on deck. When you plan of a vacation and contemplates of a place to go apart from Los Angeles, Paris, and London, Brazil is no doubt the only option. In this country, you will view nature and its beauties to keep your mind refreshed, be psychologically refreshed, and revived.

Their citizens are very friendly. The last time I got there, I reserved a hotel for short-term stay because all the people coming into the country from abroad will have a hotel reservation, in fact, it will be checked of, before entering the country because it’s one of the requirements of Brazil tourist visa. So, I got there with full proof of accommodation but got warm welcome from three different families because it was obvious that I’m a foreigner.

What I’m trying to say is that Brazil is one of the safest places to be in, foreigners find it hard to choose a country because of security. Brazil is a small but busy place and not so safe as you think for foreigners. You can be easily duped here, even on road. The same with other countries that we don’t have the time to mention here but believe me when I talk of Brazil, it is a very small country with beautiful people. You can apply to visit your family/friends, go on a vacation, or travel to learn a skill/work.

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Brazil Tourist Visa Review

It is one of the Brazil visitor visas offers by Brazilian consular officers. Apart from this visa comes the work visa, student, and work visa. Back to base, Brazil tourist visa is a legal pass that will make you stay for tourism for three months in Brazil. The three months is for our visitors that applied for short term stay.

Actually there are two types of Brazil tourist visa and they are:

  1. Short term stay which is only valid for three months.
  2. Long term visa which makes you a permanent residence.

Foreigners stay in Brazil longer than three months to study, work, or just live with their loved ones by just going straight to the long term visa. Of course, price of Brazil long term tourist visa is expensive than the low-cost short term visa.

Brazil Free Visa Online Application

Brazil doesn’t issue their visa for free. The immigration officer that works in your country makes sure that applicants with their complete documents fill the application form and also come with their cash to pay for the visa in the embassy. The price vary according to your choice of visa, location, and year of application. Do not mind websites introducing you to free Brazil visa. 

Brazil Tourist Visa Requirements

We can now see all the documents that you have to gather and upload to the visa application form filled with block letters. Without these papers and IDs, your application is incomplete and not worthy to be considered.

  1. Flight reservation that proves to the immigration officer that you are ready to go and be back. The flight ticket will be of two types, the go and return flight reservation.
  2. Hotel reservation: As someone visiting a foreign land for tourism, an accommodation should be standby, if not, the immigration will believe that you aren’t ready.
  3. Since you have to prove to the officer that you will come right back after the three months, provide a proof of your asset here, or a marriage certificate showing that you have a spouse and children to return to. If possible, bring your children birth certificate and proof of the school they are attending. This will increase your chances of getting the visa.
  4. Your passport photograph of face on a light background. The passport must meet with all passport for visa requirements.
  5. Brazil visa application form which you can find online. Download and fill to submit to the embassy with other documents and your fee as well. Or rather meet with the embassy straight. They will give you the visa form and also direct you on how to apply.
  6. Bank statement is mandatory.

Get them ready and do your Brazil tourist visa application as shown below.

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How to Get Brazil Tourist Visa

  • Apply Brazil tourist visa online by downloading the form from Brazil visa official website.
  • Upload the documents or just get them ready for the next move.
  • Visit the consulate or embassy in your country or location.
  • Submit all the papers you are with.
  • Inquire the fee, pay, and submit the receipt.
  • You will be interviewed, but that will be later, after you are through with the first step.
  • Other directions will be given by your immigration officer.
  • That is how to get Brazil tourist visa.

Applicants that apply theirs online will still meet with the officers in the embassy for some verification and documents confirmation. There will also be an interview before your passport will be ready. This passport will tell you when to return to your home country. You can return before the given duration or at the date given. To stay longer, will apply for extension of visa.

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