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100 students are selected annually for fully funded Rhodes scholarship with free visa. It is a scholarship scheme that is finding only Masters and PhD programs. So, for any student to start considering the award, level of program involved must be either undergraduate level or Masters.

Most students aspire to study in Uk, while others aspire to undertake their studies in other countries like India, Switzerland, US, Australia, China, Sweden, and some other countries that can be seen as academic hubs. UK is one of the countries with high regards for education. For you to travel and relocate to UK for a study is really a great move.

Trust me, you won’t regret this choice. The good news Rhodes scholarship has provided a free study for all the students in the picture. For you to be in the picture, you must have interest to study abroad. With this award, a free visa to UK is assured plus other costs accredited to students during their tertiary programs will also be covered and fostered by Rhodes until your program is finished.

In that case, all the international students that are aspiring to make a change with a fully funded award should go for this trending and most paying award in UK. Apply after checking your country and confirming that it is among eligible countries. More to that, other requirements that will make you more eligible are stated below.

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Requirements from Applicants

There are rules you must show high compliance to in order to win hearts into this award. Get their consideration to further your undergraduate or Masters level without extra or normal expenses. Here are all you need to know about eligibility criteria

  • First thing above all is that you must be a citizen of the below mentioned countries.
  • Moreover, you have over 100 courses to access. Masters applicants must apply for an enrollment for the course offered in their previous programs.
  • On the other hand, undergraduates ought to apply to courses that are prior to their dreams in life.
  • It is an online application that demands several documents to affiliate and support the application form for validation purposes. In that case, you must provide all the documents.
  • Still not forgetting the fact that applications later than the due date are not accepted.
  • Typically, all costs are covered, including the airfare ticket for traveling in and out of UK. So, you must be intelligent enough to be demonstrating good and satisfactory results.

For now, these are requirements from international students that are generally applicants. Meanwhile, you can proceed with application now after scanning the qualified countries below.

Qualified Countries

Have you seen the list of countries that can apply for fully funded Rhodes scholarship with free visa? As an aspirant candidate, you must be a citizen of any of these countries;

  • India
  • China
  • Germany
  • East Africa
  • Zimbabwe
  • Bermuda
  • Hong Kong
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • Australia
  • Jamaica
  • Commonwealth Caribbean
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kenya
  • Pakistan
  • Southern Africa
  • New Zealand
  • UAE
  • Palestine
  • Singapore
  • Jordan
  • West Africa
  • Zambia
  • US
  • Syria

Congratulations for catching up with the arrays of countries that are 100% eligible for the program.

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Benefit Capacity of Rhodes Scholarship

Interestingly, it is a fully funded award for international students which covers

  • Tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Two economic class airfare for both coming into Oxford and traveling back home.
  • University application fee.
  • €15900 monthly stipend for beneficiaries.
  • Additionally, visa processing fees will be included.
  • Meeting new international friends is one of the privileges to leverage as a beneficiary of Rhodes annual scholarship.

Therefore, meet up with all that is required so as to be able to apply for a fully funded Rhodes scholarship with free visa and get positive responsiveness.

Apply Fully Funded Scholarship with Free Visa

Now, let’s take a quick stroll into the application page. You have to check eligibility right? That is the first phase.

  • Proceed to a web browser and launch the application page to download Rhodes application form free at Fill the form. Provide all the required documents and ensure that application is submitted before the due date.

Above all, only students from eligible countries can apply and get immediate consideration. Notwithstanding, you must have good conduct and academic standards. Academic transcripts and certificates of your finished levels won’t be taken for granted either.

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